Yacht’s Plastic Soul, Live In The Moog Sound Lab

The latest performance in the Moog Sound Lab series features Yacht doing a live take on their song Plastic Soul

Technical Details:

  • Claire Evans’ voice is processed through a Moog 500 Series Analog Delay.
  • Jona Bechtolt uses mesh drum triggers to control 6 rack mounted Minimoog Voyagers.
  • Jeffrey Brodsky uses a Little Phatty to control a polyphonic chain of Slim Phattys.
  • Rob Kieswetter plays the Sub 37 for the bass line.

14 thoughts on “Yacht’s Plastic Soul, Live In The Moog Sound Lab

    1. Great performance in what must have been a difficult scenario (no audience, etc). Regret missing them at Moogfest. Check out some of the cell phone youtubes of that Moogfest 2014 gig. I really love this singer’s stage presence, Iggy Pop moves, great voice and attitude.

  1. Still frustrated with them because of their faux “Our art was stolen by a big box retailer” campaign when the t-shirts in question used a lyric from the song Shangri-LA that was itself lifted from a Queen song (Stone Cold Crazy). Just seemed rather hypocritical of them. Even though it also used their “unique” font (nothing really unique about using triangles for A’s, though). Meh, Kohl’s stop selling the shirt so whatever.

  2. Great song but she’s trying way too hard and comes off a bit awkward. I’ve liked them since the beginning when they were making albums purely in ableton, so in totally a fan.

  3. She should take the quirkiness further and dress up like Anthony Michael Hall in Sixteen Candles (red windbreaker tied around the waist… extra points for headgear.

    Seriously tho, I like this band. ‘The Afterlife’ is my fav

  4. These Moog lab things are always so self aware and naval-gazing. I’d like to see the same thing done in something like a Korg lab, where they give a band a bunch of lower end gizmos and make them really stretch themselves and come up with something creative.

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