Raymond Scott’s ‘Soothing Sounds For Baby’ Series Reissued On Vinyl

Raymond_Scott_Soothing_Sounds_For_BabyBasta Music has announced a vinyl reissue of Raymond Scott’s Soothing Sounds for Baby series of electronic music albums.

The unusual three-album set, originally released in 1964, targets three age groups:

  • Volume 1 is 1 to 6 months;
  • Volume 2 is 6 to 12 months; and
  • Volume 3 is 12 to 18.

While we’re not sure how many babies or parents were soothed by Scott’s Soothing Sounds for Babies, the albums are sought ought by electronic music fans as pioneering examples of pure electronic music. 

Here’s an example, from Volume 1:

The re-release will feature the three discs, in individual album sleeves, shrink-wrapped together with the small booklet that was included with the original release.

The Soothing Sounds for Baby three LP set is priced at € 39,95 via Basta Music.

10 thoughts on “Raymond Scott’s ‘Soothing Sounds For Baby’ Series Reissued On Vinyl

  1. Erm… I believe this set has been available since 2009. Not a new re-release, I’m afraid.
    Still, if it generates more interest for Raymond Scott, I’m all for it.

  2. Here’s the place to go for all things Raymond. http://raymondscott.com/#news

    Early on, when classics like “Powerhouse” were first written, it was under the banner of The Raymond Scott Quintette, a band with six members, heh. It was all 100% live and astounding. It takes you way past casual step-sequencing. He was frustrated that the group’s output was seen as comedic rather than being taken as serious jazz, mostly because no one else exhibited that unique brand of liveliness. The inherent humor clouded it too much for those expecting “serious” music. Imagine what he could do with a modern computer rig. When Bob Moog praises you, you’re getting something right.

  3. Played these for my daughter when she was little. Sometimes they were a little oasis of calmness! Scott was way ahead of his time.

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