Tabletop 2.6 Sneak Preview

This video, via Retronyms, is a quick sneak preview of Tabletop 2.6, the latest version of their virtual studio for the iPad.

Tabletop is a freemium virtual studio for iPad. It comes with 14 devices as a free download, and additional devices are available as in-app purchases.

Tabletop 2.6 is in review now with Apple, and should be available soon.

8 thoughts on “Tabletop 2.6 Sneak Preview

    1. Nice catch! I didn’t even notice it on first viewing. Had to pause for a second, guess I don’t read that quickly anymore.

      Really liking that they demo’d this on an ipad2, but I’m also curious how optimized it was… I’m willing to bet everything (diagnostics & usage, all background refresh, location services, mail push, etc) was turned off and it was put into airplane mode… but who knows?

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