Erik Norlander’s Dreamcurrents

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via ThinkTankMediaMusic, captures Erik Norlander and his band performing his song, Dreamcurrents

Norlander performs Dreamcurrents on the rare Moog Apollo synthesizer and a Minimoog Voyager, at Isis Music Hall in Asheville, NC on May 8, 2014. He’s joined by Mark Matthews (b), Nick LePar (d) and Jeff Kollman (g) as part of the event, “A Tribute to Dr. Bob,” a fundraiser for Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool and The Bob Moog Foundation.

The Moog Apollo, Minimoog Model D and modular Moog system were restored and provided by the Bob Moog Foundation as part of their Archive Preservation Initiative.

One thought on “Erik Norlander’s Dreamcurrents

  1. Fantastic. Norlander takes that 70s prog sound and makes it his own. To me, he manages to stay on the right side of the line between tasteful and cheesy, virtuosic and bombastic.

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