Diego Stocco – Beachwood Real-Time Multi-Processing Improv

Sound designer Diego Stocco has released a new video, Beachwood, that captures a short improvisation, created with a musical object he calls “Beachwood”.

In the beginning of the video, he explains that he started with a piece of wood he found at the beach. Then he added a contact mic and a lavalier mic and some metal resonators. 

In addition, Stocco processes the mic’d sound using several real-time sound design technics.

The techniques used are ones that he’s explored in his premium sound design videos:

10 thoughts on “Diego Stocco – Beachwood Real-Time Multi-Processing Improv

  1. hey Diego,
    what contact mics are you using?
    what would you suggest to start with the technique?
    are you routing them straight into your interface preamp or do they go through an impedance transformers?
    great job!

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