Holly Herndon Interview

Composer/sound artist Holly Herndon is featured in the latest interview via Red Bull Music Academy.

Her work is techno-infused music in the electroacoustic tradition. She uses her voice prominently as a sound source, but transforms it almost beyond recognition, using a laptop & Max/MSP. 

Here’s the video for her track Movement:

The talk was held on October 15 as part of RBMA Tokyo 2014.

Holly Herndon Interview Summary:

Whether studying for her PhD at Stanford or spending all night in a Berlin techno party, Holly Herndon is obsessed with the intersection between mind and body and beat and technology. On releases like Movement and the Chorus EP, she tackles her complicated relationship with the internet, the NSA, Max/MSP software, and her own voice; creating a unique brand of cyber-pop that is equally beautiful and frightening, academic and dancefloor-ready.

4 thoughts on “Holly Herndon Interview

  1. Wow. Never heard of her before, so checked out some videos on YouTube. She’s doing some really cool stuff. Check out her “Chorus” video.

  2. Hideous sweaty pointless video but the music is good. Nice bit of experimentalism but I can’t agree that this is electro acoustic in the strictest sense tho

  3. For what it’s worth, there are SEVEN positions on the trombone, and, as a chromatic instrument, these positions are basically guidelines–the intonation of the instrument is in the hands and ears of the player.

    This is the first time I’ve ever used my jazz/classical trombone background in an electronic music thread…at least to be obnoxious. 🙂

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