Music Computing Intros NARU Music Production Workstation


Music Computing has introduced NARU – a new workstation solution, featuring integrated MIDI controllers and available as an all-in-one Windows solution or as a laptop dock. 

Here’s the official video intro:

“When I first started to design musical instruments 15 years ago, I based my designs on the principle of an open platform…that is whatever is best for the user comes first.” says Music Computing CEO Victor Wong. “That ideal holds true more than ever today.”

NARU is available in two different platforms.

  • NARU PC includes a powerful Windows-based computer core while NARU Laptop allows you to dock your laptop, turning it instantly into an all-in-one music production station. NARU PC’s computer core is comprised of an Intel i7 Quad-Core (4.0GHz) processor, 32GB RAM, 1TB Hybrid (SSD/HD) hard drive, DVD/CD burner, dual video ports, a 10” capacitive multi-touchscreen, an open full-size PCI slot and Windows 7 professional (64-bit).
  • NARU Laptop includes a universal laptop dock/mount that is fully adjustable for the perfect viewing angle.

All NARU models come with a DVD/CD burner, Presonus AudioBOX audio interface, Akai APC Mini midi controller, Akai LPD8 drum controller and a McMillen QuNexus keyboard controller and over 5000 sounds and effects.

NARU models are available in three different trim packages: Glossy Black, Leather Bound and Ice-Out.

The NARU PC is priced starting at $4,999 and the NARU Laptop is priced atarting at $2,499. See the Music Computing site for details.

52 thoughts on “Music Computing Intros NARU Music Production Workstation

    1. They can’t be flopping too hard, because this guys been doing these for over a decade.

      I think on the Window side there’s always going to be a market for an all in one set up that doesn’t need to be configured.

  1. LOL @ $2500. This thing is as revolutionary as the table my controllers currently sit on. Table was only $25 at Target.. (I own all of these controllers and more)

    1. Haha, thanks for bringing this up, otherwise I wouldn’t have looked. Very classy stuff, especially the bling version 😀

  2. I’m always surprised when I see this sort of thing. Is there really a big enough market of people who do no research about expensive gear before buying it? You can put a similar studio together with that price and choose all the components yourself…

  3. Nobody comes to synthtopia to find out about a service where you can pay someone too much money to pick out generic equipment for you. This is some lazy content selection, Synthopia.

    1. mike – 539 ‘Likes” and 25+ comments suggest otherwise.

      We make content choices based on what is newsworthy and interesting to readers, which will not always be stuff that you’ll like.

      1. Well 25+ comments that say this thing looks just like a joke and it’s crap. And regarding the Facebook “Likes”, anyone knows any company can buy likes… it takes less than 5 mn on Google to find it out. So it doesn’t mean anything…

    2. Its not “lazy” content. Its just content. I WANT to know what’s appearing and where it might sport any warts in use. That’s a WIN about Nick Batt, who uses the gear and doesn’t whitewash the negatives. Whether something is a dodo or an eagle, I still enjoy the learning process. I have to +10 Synthtopia for being broad in coverage and unbiased. The proof: they let us argue about it in plain sight, pro and con. That’s what I want as a musician and its journalistically ethical.

  4. So the only knobs you would get are the 8 “short” knobs that come on the Akai LPD8… terrible. Those are literally the worst knobs ever. For a high tech “all in one” solution you sure took the cheap route for the midi controllers that were implemented. Additionally the clips on the APC should be on the right, and the keyboard and drum pads on the left. Most users are right handed and mousing around windows while trying to play keys to audition sounds with your arm across your chest can’t be the best way.

    I’m sure a lot of thought and research went into this product, just seems like the people tasked with research maybe weren’t the same people that actually use these pieces of gear.

  5. this is pretty funny, it looks like a Ben hack mod of a coffee table. You buy better than this for less than half of the price – and its not all glued together in a really stupid manner, there maybe a market for these, its for those idiots who have more money than sense and a reversely proportional amount of talent / imagination.

  6. Wow. WAY overpriced, features *$100* controllers and its Windows-based, assuring added operational hassles. Those are three awesome FAILS for me. Nothing about this says “better workflow” at all and it has no other purpose.

    >>>> just seems like the people tasked with research maybe weren’t the same people that actually use these pieces of gear.

    Spot on. I find myself thinking this about every other thing that comes out. Consumer electronics are very hit-or-miss when it comes to actually laying hands to it and trying to PLAY. F**k ME if I’m going to spend half of my day troubleshooting some hairy mutant octopus. $2500 will buy a hefty computer or a higher-end workstation. $5k will buy you a very solid home rig. This thing doesn’t pass the cost/benefit analysis test.

  7. Paying for something like this, that offers no new unique level of integration between the components, would be me simply letting you do my shopping for me. Not much added value here.

  8. And the runaway winner for worst “product” of the year goes to….

    If you can even call it a product. It’s a frankenstein of cheap controllers and hardware. I can’t even believe there is a company doing something this embarrassing.

  9. Wow, this thing is definitely the answer!

    If the question is: What do you buy an aspiring bedroom EDM producer if money is no object and he knows nothing about computers…

  10. Victor Wong was Open Labs CEO before, and Open Labs was doing quite good integrated stuff. Now it seems he targets UAE, Quatar and Saudi Arabia princes’s teenager sons market.

    1. Except that the whole Open Labs integration has never been done by him and even never been finished either. Real Open Labs engineers founders were Lary Cotten and Craig Negoescu, long gone by the time Open Labs did start to be known around the world. And that’s the reason why the company never came with any real innovative new products after that.

  11. I find it contradictory that he says “I based my designs on the principle of an open platform…that is whatever is best for the user comes first”, yet the desk ships with a few controllers that he selected. What if I don’t want a QuNeo or I prefer the bigger APC?…. Doesn’t seem very “open”.

  12. lol. Looks like something they serve your food on while laying in a Hospital Bed. Make those sick EDM tracks while layed up recovering from a coma.

  13. Considering how inexpensive the individual components are in this “DIY product” is I am actually really happy they made this thing! And I’m especially impressed they are charging $5000 for it! After all, someone has to take money away from stupid people! 🙂

  14. I read down through the comments and have to agree with the majority. This is not a great piece. All of the hardware is lower end. The fact that it looks like anyone could of built it in there living room. Personally I would of left some room under it to put a real keyboard. I feel like anyone with the time and half a brain could build something better looking and more use able than this piece.

  15. Ah, mr Wong is back!
    $100 – APC Mini
    $70 – LPD8
    $150 – QuNexus
    $800 – Audiobox
    $1100 so far… This is new single unit prices from a store, no bulk discounts.
    The computer has more leeway. Win 7 means it’s oldish.
    $2000 would get me similar specs but 2TB HD. Off the shelf, today.

    So, if you buy the stuff yourself, you save some $2000 to get the screen and Ableton shown in the video, but NOT listed in the specs.
    You’ll be missing the shiny black “exotic car” design though :-/

  16. I’d love a more streamlined, tactile way to create electronic music but just charging more for a bunch of midi controllers in a desk in not the way. It doesn’t in any way solve all the compatibility, stability and latency issues inherent with a DAW based platform.

  17. These guys are up their same old bullshit tricks, they apparently sell enough to stay in business but largely due to terrible customer service and flat out lying about their “products”, which are usually just rebranded stuff others have made anyway.

    I bought a touchscreen from them for my studio some years back, they said on their site that it worked with OSX just fine, that was a lie. When confronted about how buggy it was and that it was essentially unusable- they basically told me to fuck off, refused a refund, refused any significant tech support. Screwed me out of some serious money. Wasn’t even their touchscreen, when I get ahold of the actual manufacturer (POLabs) They told me flat out that the mac version never quite worked right and they weren’t pleased it was being sold to people as functional.

    This is more of the same old bullshit from these losers, throw other peoples components in a box and triple the price.

  18. WTF? Is it April 1?
    So someone pays a $4000 premium so someone can tool up some ugly-ass ABS plastic thingy and stick a bunch of off-the-shelf stuff in it? Did they consult anyone before starting this project? Who’s it for?
    … “All NARU models come with a DVD/CD burner” reaaalllly, is it 2001?? a whole 8GB of optical storage. yay, a tiny SD card would do just fine there guys..

  19. Just wait and in a month or to then in GearSlutz masteringforum section there will be posts asking how to turn the fuggly thing on!

    And the regular answer from the forum will be:

    :-Threat your room.

    The marriage between idiots and idiots. Grans success!

  20. Yo Yo Yo…if you gots da skeelz and da street cred, you KNOW dis be straight up TIGHT. Hippity hop pity starz be BANGIN to get dis stuff!

    Or something like that….at least, that’s who’s selling Open Labs products, used, around here.

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