Massive Sound Design Recipe Book


Rishabh Rajan has released the NI Massive Sound Design Recipe Book – a free iBook.

In this book, sound designer and producer, Rajan, shares 8 self-contained sound design projects that are recipes to get your synth skills honed.

Each project includes zoomable screenshots and audio examples so you can follow along. You will learn how to create monophonic sawtooth leads, basses, click organs, retro strings, wobble basses, eerie pads, EDM snare sounds and more.

The Massive Sound Design Recipe Book is a free download for iBooks.

13 thoughts on “Massive Sound Design Recipe Book

  1. Great idea and I appreciate those willing to share their knowledge.

    Since it’s free, is there any reason not to also provide it in other formats, such as perhaps pdf, so that those without iPhones can benefit as well?

    1. Hi RabidBat,

      Glad you like it… we’ve done our best when making this ebook to create something accessible to as many as possible, while also ensuring high quality multimedia content is available to all.

      If you’re on a PC or Android system, then we’ve made the eBook free to download in epub3 format direct from our site at (publishers of the book):

      Hope this helps,

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