Free Figure ‘Sidekick App’, Figooroo, Now Available

figoorooCodrut Angelescu has released Figooroo – a ‘sidekick app’ for Propellerhead Figure.

With Figooroo you can:

  • open up to 4* Figure songs at once
  • copy instruments, patterns, tweaks (defaults & motions), mixer levels from one song to another
  • join one song with another
  • shift a song with or without wrapping
  • resize a song by trimming/repeating bars or shrinking/stretching them
  • convert rhythms to notes
  • email a song or open it in other Figure compatible app at any time
  • By alternating between shift, resize, copy and join, you can combine songs in many ways.

Other things you can do with Figooroo:

  • Converting rhythms is a function allowing you to alternate between different rhythms in the same song and also slowdown/speed-up a song keeping the rhythm intact.
  • In Figure you can simulate a 16 bar song by halving the tempo, but the rhythms are also slowed down, making them more or less useless. Now, with Figoroo you can take two 8 bar songs recorded at normal tempo (even with different rhythms), resize each of them to 4 bars and join them together. All you have to do is open the new song in Figure and halve its tempo.
  • Recording fast arpeggios is not easy in Figure, but Figooroo can help you achieve that. Record a song in Figure and open it in Figooroo to shrink it to fewer bars, thus increasing its playback speed.

Figooroo is available now as a free download from the App Store.

9 thoughts on “Free Figure ‘Sidekick App’, Figooroo, Now Available

  1. Does not work at all for me. On ios 7 or 8. When I open up Figure I get an error message. The only way to get to the dev is through Twitter. Also all the demos I see are for earlier versions of Figure. I wish it worked and I would happily pay for ads to be removed it worked for me.

  2. This will only work with old versions of Figure. It uses API’s that were deprecated in the most recent update. Propellerhead contact over on FB confirms this.

  3. and now it is deleted from the app store 🙁
    would anybody so kind as send me the app as a file? please! i can’t find anywhere.

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