Nektar Intros Impact LX88 ‘Flagship’ Keyboard Controller


At the 2015 NAMM Show, Nektar has introduced the Impact LX88 ‘flagship’ keyboard controller.

The Nektar Impact LX88 Keyboard Controller

The Impact LX88 is the flagship product in the Impact line and the first Nektar keyboard featuring an 88 note semi-weighted keybed.

The Impact LX88 delivers 9 faders, 9 control buttons, 8 pots, 6 transport buttons, 8 velocity sensitive pads, foot switch socket, MIDI out and control wheels. 5 user presets are designed for GM setups, “MIDI learn” capable DAWs and other music software.

The Impact LX88 is designed with live performance in mind. Functions such as split, layer and MIDI out are included giving the performer the ability to set split point, program MIDI channels, Octave and transpose settings, send our program changes for each zone on the fly.

The Impact LX88 in addition is fully supported by Nektar DAW Integration, giving it the same pre-mapped control power as the Impact LX25, LX49 and LX61 keyboards. Nektar Impact DAW Integration currently supports Bitwig Studio, Cubase, Digital Performer, FL Studio, GarageBand, Logic Pro, Nuendo, Reaper, Reason, Studio One and Sonar, with additional template setups for Ableton Live and Avid Pro Tools.

Nektar DAW Integration offers custom integration with a common workflow. As such, working with supported DAWs, Impact LX88 goes way beyond the typical basic Mixer mapping. Users of supported DAWs will be able to navigate tracks, switch between controlling mixer or instruments, trigger and set loop points, switch metronome on/off, Undo and more.

Impact LX88 also features a “Grab” feature* for supported DAWs, which allows users to literally ‘grab‘ several instrument parameters at a time and map them to any controls on the fly.

The 5 user presets have been set up for GM compatibility and ‘learn friendly’ setups mean that you can still create setups the way you are used to with generic MIDI controllers. Impact LX88 is a complete generic MIDI controller so you can switch between the pre-mapped setups and your own by pushing a button.

 Pricing and Availability

The Nektar Impact LX88 is available immediately in some areas and will be available worldwide at the end of February, with an MSRP of USD 329.99/ EUR 289.99/ GBP 219.99. See the Nektar site for details.

11 thoughts on “Nektar Intros Impact LX88 ‘Flagship’ Keyboard Controller

  1. Well, that is a nice price for a basic semi-weighted 88. Nothing in the above feature set seems unique, and only one pedal switch. But still, if it’s well executed and has good response & feel, well, that’s a nice buy.

    But I’ve already signed on for the new VAX kickstarter. For a ridiculously low price you can get 96 hammer-action keys (or 72, or 48) with poly-AT, and hi-def MIDI, and a brilliant open-architecture, easy repair, etc. etc.

      1. Nope, sliders and other controls or maybe LED display is plan to be added at the latest stage, expect discussions in the next few months that is uniquely tailors for musicians.

        Right, no one is comparing to Impact since they are different products and technology. VAX was a legendary that Hi-Res velocity was large missing for the 2 decades, there are new additional feature at MIDI consortium, you might never heard how much it’s powerful until the next few years when the new standard is finalize.

  2. I have a Nektar Impact LX25 and have found it to be a good quality controller for a very good price.

    The enhancements for live performance in the LX88 are well targeted. Most project studios lack the room to accommodate an 88-key controller, but the LX88’s full keyboard will be most welcome by gigging musicians.

    Nektar is quietly growing up into a more competitive brand challenging the controller giants (Novation, M-Audio, Korg, Roland, etc.).

  3. I saw a process video from a guy who was doing a film score with a beta orchestral library.

    He was using a nectar keyboard, and some outboard faders for expression (which he employed in realtime on tracks as he input musical parts).

    I only mention it because he was a very high-level film score person using that controller very effectively– and he was endorsed by the orch. library developers. It ended up being a pretty strong endorsement for Nektar as well.

  4. I almost purchased an LX series controller last year but decided to splurge a little more and bought a Nektar Panorama P6 instead. I have been using it for about 10 months and I can attest to Nektar’s build quality. It’s a joy to use and an incredibly deep controller. Nektar really do make excellent products, not to mention they have one of the most reliable and FASTEST customer service I’ve ever experienced. If I am ever in need of a second controller, there is no doubt it will be from them.

  5. Are the keys the same as on Nektar P4? I hope not. I tried a P4 before Christmas having read stuff about the different action between the white and black keys. The keyboard was otherwise very appealing with its controls and nice software. I’d never expect that it was a very serious problem, but it turned out to be more or less unplayable.

    1. The keyboard action on my Impact LX25 is very good. But I have read about some early, 49-key Nektar P4’s having keyboard issues (though strangely, not the 61-key P6). Nektar may have had an early supplier issue.

  6. Seriously this was the TOP Item on my Want list for NAMM 2015. Budget priced decent quality multi-octave Keyboard with faders and Knobs. I am definetly in their target market. I have been watching Nektar for a while and I’m very happy with what I have seen. Ill admit the VAX did have me wanting to save up a bit more but for this price point, I dont think they have any competition here. EXCELLENT.

  7. Hi,

    do you guys know if its the same software as in the panorama for controlling 3rd party plugins? I am looking for a good midi keyboard that can easily control my plugins without spending days on mapping…

    Thank You!

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