Ploytec Pi L Squared Leukos Synth at NAMM

pl2_leukos_Ploytec, the German makers of ultra small footprint synthesizers, has introduced a new variation of this concept: the Pi L Squared Leukos synth.

It works with a computer or iPad (camera connection kit required) when attached via USB to its micro-USB connector. It also features an additional individual MIDI output.

Here’s a video introduction to the PI L Squared Leukos synthesizer:

See the Ploytec synth product page for details.

4 thoughts on “Ploytec Pi L Squared Leukos Synth at NAMM

  1. it’s funny to see how the PD synthesis is now in fashion….It’s all about distorsion and warm sound……This may be the return of a more lively sound in electronic music…..

  2. I think even Eric Idle would argue with his interpretation of “massive” versus “tinny.” Loud does not mean massive. These are very good for what they are but they are not Oberheims.

    Just listening to that second video, the patch just before 5:00 minutes sounds exactly like something that the Amiga Paula chip plays. I’d like to look inside these things to see the components.

  3. You are my hero for the next 20 minutes for saying “Loud does not equal massive.” It sometimes seems as if a lot of people don’t think about that next level of shaping, where EQ, panning and a good mixing of effects does a lot more to define the sound than the volume alone. If you want raw, that’s as available as mega-reverbs. Just don’t think of any one component of a sound as being all that counts.

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