Imitone Intros ‘Mind To Melody’ Software

At the 2015 NAMM Show, developer Evan Balster introduced his application Imitone.

imitoneImitone, originally developed as a Kickstarter project, is  software that lets you play any instrument with your voice.

It does voice to MIDI conversion, so you can use the MIDI to play virtual instruments.

It’s available for pre-order for Mac & WIndows for US $25. See the Imitone site for more info.

8 thoughts on “Imitone Intros ‘Mind To Melody’ Software

  1. A good trick I’ve been using in both ableton and Logic for some time now. Try it into an MS20 for some wildness.

    With such heavy investment recently in AI it won’t be long until you can just say to your computer “make me a rock song that goes dum dum dam dumdum dow about how this rain is like the world crashing down around me” and it will have a fresh track for ya.

    Seriously, I was actually just reading about how advanced AI may be able to program software on it’s own allowing a future computer user to describe what kind of software they would like to use and the computer creating and running it for them.


  2. I remember when Imitone was first demoed here. The developer does seem to have made a decent product, but it is weird that he doesn’t want to acknowledge that pitch to MIDI has been around a long time.

    He does seem to be reaching out to people with no musical experience (which is wise– because they won’t know that it is nothing new). And it may be that this particular technology hasn’t yet been made for entry level non-musician, non-techno people.

  3. One wonders how many of those “melodies in our heads” are already composed melodies, random scale ups & downs, or some arpeggios of the chord progression from that song we just stopped listening to.

  4. More power to them but it doesn’t take long to realize that there is a significant gap between being able to hum out a melody and turn it in to a song. Some very big artists who never played an instrument have done this for a long time, but they are humming their melody to a producer who then does the rest of the work.

  5. I saw a demo at NAMM and asked what the difference was between this and Live’s audio to MIDI feature (which I had not used). The answer was that works in real time. Indeed, they had several people simultaneously singing into different mics and triggering multiple instruments in a DAW in real time.

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