Iotine Core 2 Analog Audio Processor


NIIO Analog has introduced the Iotine Core 2 – a full analog audio processor, designed to ‘thicken and or shape’ mono audio signals.

Here’s a video demo of the Iotine Core in action:

The Iotine Core Analog Audio Processor

The IC can be used with 1 to 3 inputs, and with 1 to 3 outputs. It features three separate processing layers, that each include a 12db voltage controlled filter, voltage controlled amplifier, and a collection of saturation circuits.

Two audio triggered analog envelopes are used to modulate the VCFs and VCAs resulting in a dynamic modulation that reacts to the source audio. Both normal and inverse modulation is available allowing, for instance both expanding and compressing options with the VCA.

The two main channels each feature 6 saturation circuits with variable DRIVE which alters sound thickness through analog overdrive, distortion, and wave-shaping techniques for a total of 14 separate analog saturation circuits including OCT and DIV in the POST section.

For more information, see the NIIO Analog site.

12 thoughts on “Iotine Core 2 Analog Audio Processor

    1. In Germany it’s 1559 Euro including sales tax… Don’t think it sounds “shit”, but wouldn’t spend this amount of money on a filter/saturator nowadays. 😉

  1. Not new! But they introduced a new processor called ROOM a few months ago and that its really something new.

    Price in EU its arround 1600€ for Iotine Core and 2100€ for Room.

  2. Pretty cool thing I guess, only the demo is a bit meh…The saturation circuits thing is cool. But for the price I will stick to my Sherman Filterbank 2, that beast is nasty enough 🙂

    (tip for people who are looking for something like this, the Sherman FB2 is around 350/400 euro second hand. You won’t regret it 🙂

  3. Looks very similar to my old Akai MFC42, but without the tempo synced LFO that can modulate the filters. Plus, the Akai was significantly cheaper and included stereo inputs (line and turntable) as well as a separate mono channel with an 8 pole filter.

    Have to agree with Pootie, a second-hand Sherman or Akai MFC42 would get similar results for a fraction of the price.

  4. That jackass in the demo doesn’t even know how to use it!
    Look at the “envelope” section….he ends up frantically turning knobs and making a mess of what probably is an excellent filter box!

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