New Module Brings Bluetooth Audio To Eurorack Modular Synthesizers

ADDAC Systems has introduced an interesting new module that brings wireless Bluetooth audio straight to your modular synthesizer. 

The ADDAC806 Bluetooth Audio module lets you send two channels of wireless audio from any Bluetooth device to your modular.


  • Pre-amps for synth level signal
  • 2 VCA’s, one for each of the stereo signal. Both with CV attenuator knobs.
  • 2 Leds to monitor signal level
  • 2 Leds to monitor Bluetooth status

The ADDAC806 Bluetooth Audio module is priced at 220,00 €.

Note: ADDAC says that ‘these modules will be made by request and will only be available to order directly through us‘.

5 thoughts on “New Module Brings Bluetooth Audio To Eurorack Modular Synthesizers

  1. At this price, maybe more of a really niche market vs. the alternative of a ?” cable.

    I do like the idea of bluetooth modules however. Perhaps one with mutilichannel in/out, & CV generators with an SDK so app developers can make apps for wirelessly doing audio processing, interesting CV apps, sequencers or sync iOS MIDI device clocks without MIDI cables. Some of these features are available with bluetooth midi devices but limited to MIDI applications specifically. I think a continuous digital CV protocol streaming could be converted to CV signals smoother than MIDI packets. At 24Mb/s with Bluetooth 4, a purpose specific protocol could probably push a few channels or more of continuous CV

  2. what is the point of a wireless module
    if you are standing right in front of it to turn the knobs ??

    $308.08can !!!

    a waste of money

    just get a

    modDemix or
    Optomix or
    or 4ms VCA matrix

    1. Somehow you seem to have missed the point of wireless technology – freeing you up to move around!

      You could also do this with a 30′ audio cable, but how pointless would that be?

      For a cheap alternative, you could get a Bluetooth receiver, stash it by your modular and run an audio cable from it. You can get them for $20-30.

      1. i think YOUR missing the FACTS …
        move around where ? with a modular.. ..?
        ..all the controls on the module are not remotely controllable

  3. I think the first post had it right,,niche market
    The guys who do big rack modulars are usually spending money big on gear and I can see someone who want to send sound into a setup without using a cord (could be another room or friend)
    Plus if you look into modular gear there are a bunch of strange use modules which make no sense in a normal way

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