71 thoughts on “Behringer Midas Synthesizer Teaser

  1. Finally behringer makes an instrument. Although supposedly someone had made a program that converts one of theirs controllers to one.
    Wonder will it be old school silver or new school gray

  2. I think this is 2nd most annoying teaser ever. First prize goes to that apocalyptic end of the world Elektron teaser couple years back. I can’t remember the exact product they advertised but i remember the pain of having to watch through this 5 minute film school turd just to find out if this thing had vco or dco.

    1. Those Elektron shorts are probably my favourite bits of advertising ever. There were two, one for the Octatrack, one for the Analog 4. I wish they’d do more.

  3. Anyway lets keep our fingers crossed that Uli Behringer gives us full poly analog with everything possible for a 199€ and the knobs wont fall off during the first 6 months.

    1. No, this is a synth modules for their existing range of DSP-based MIDAS mixers. Those mixers are a very good product at a very good price, I think Behringer wants to keep enhancing them with firmware extensions to grab more market share. It might work its way into lower-budget gear later but don’t expect that for a while or you’ll be disappointed.

  4. 100 FX ? Who da hell needs 100 FX ? Reminds me of cheap mixers with effects with no control beside wet/dry… We need 6 or 7 maximum, all parameters controllable ! And does anyone in biz take behringer serious ?

    1. Have you ever used their MIDAS mixer line (and yes I know they bought the IP by acquiring the company)? They’re outstanding – beautiful UI, excellent build quality, excellent sound.

      1. lol some days i really wonder if all this synth teaser business is just an experimental synthopia stunt, designed as a way to continually talk about how good their mixers have gotten…

        …not that i would have anything against that even so haha. still it shows there is some kind of market to be captured with the vco poly the man has teased.

  5. Even if it is a full analogue polysynth for $50, this place will be full of people moaning about the price and everything else about it, but especially the price because it can’t be downloaded from a torrent, and it will also be full of “what they should have done is….” comments, because everybody is an armchair expert about everything.

  6. I’m just worried that this synth may try 2 kill innocentz. Haven’t these doodz seen Jurassic Park? First, u think u R in ctrl…then…ur get ur face wobbled off by an unstable oscillation. Think people!

  7. I actually liked the trailer. I am surprised to see them at the sound producing stage already. The earlier announcements made it seem like it was a ways off.

    I do got to say though, I really hope it’s not just another analog mono synth. We have plenty of those. More voices for poly or if your going to stick with mono, please more waveforms and stuff like FM and ringmod.

  8. This ad represents the mindset of the individuals responsible for development of this synth. This ad is absolute shit and I’m willing to bet the synth will share its traits.

  9. Lots of whining going on here today, as always.
    Mind you, I did find myself hitting pause numerous times to try and get a better look at this box (err, is that a whine?).

    Let’s hope it delivers…and if not, go buy something else (’cause there’s heaps of choices in today’s synth market).

  10. The “Midas” name is in reference to Midas the high end analogue mixing board maker which Behringer purchased in 2010. They are actually developing this synth based on their extensive experience with abolish circuitry with digital controls. This will NOT be a inexpensive synth, nor expensive, yet it will provide considerable value.

  11. crazy how some people here really believe in this ‘leak’ and try to get something out of it. come on, guys, this is just the stupid idea of a stupid marketing person in a stupid suit.

  12. Clearly faux-guerilla fake viral “spy” video, complete with pretend hacker intro/outro. But still very encouraging!

    The audio sounds like an analog mono synth to me. This could be the Korg-killing $500 Odyssey, or something else. Interested.

  13. Gosh I can’t believe how many whiners and haters are here. Midas is the most capable digital mixer company in the world (40 year old British company who makes US$ 200,000 consoles for Rolling Stones, Jon Bon Jovi, etc.) and I am excited to see they embark on developing synths. I am very excited to see their first products.

  14. Well I hope it is a cool digital synth that is fun to use and has at least 2 things that make it unique, like cross mod or 3 op. FM or performance based user interface, or even just a stylish look/feel. Programmable automation is always cool.or even key tracking that triggers an automaton you record, idk just something that takes advantage of digitalness!

  15. I think the ad works just fine. It shows that they really are up to something. What else do we need to know? Nothing I guess…

  16. That keyboard in the lab is Behringer’s own MOTOR controller – announced at NAMM 2014 and yet to hit the stores.

  17. If my memory serve me right I think Uli Behringer started out making a synthesizer when he was a student. In that respect this is not new to him, it’s actually back to his roots.

  18. What happened to their new full size ARP Odyssey clone?

    Who wants this stupid Midas crap? We want the full size Odyssey, not that Korg mini key joke.

  19. The pacing of this ad was off. I imagine there would have been less bitching about it if the editing had been tighter. I take that back. This is synthtopia, after all. 😛

    It obviously worked, given the number of comments, but they really do need a better editor.

  20. My only wish here is that they will produce the synth to the same quality as their live sound boards. Those digital mixers are about the only high quality product they have ever made. Also, if the company was really smart, they should come up with a way to incorporate soft-synths/VSTs into the hardware synth. Why no one has done this is beyond me. Being able to load Massive patches without the need and worry of having to use my computer would be amazing. he closes thing I can think of that could do something like this was the Nord Wave .

  21. so they’ve put together an analogue synth… it’s probably not as bad as that akai thing. if it’s polyphonic then i’m interested, if it’s a mono synth then there’s a million analogue mono synths to compete with and it’ll have to be pretty special or really cheap to make a splash. fingers crossed it’s good, it would be nice if it’s good.

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