Genome MIDI Sequencer Updated With Built-In Instruments

genome-midi-seuqencerWhite Noise Audio Software has released Genome MIDI Sequencer 2.0 – a major update to its iPad MIDI sequencer.

Genome 2.0 features a number of improvements to all areas. Here’s what they have to say about the update:

Genome 2.0 features a number of improvements to all areas. The new song mode makes it easier to work on longer songs and is more intuitive. We’ve also added a metronome, a zoom to fit button, and made it possible to view velocity values on selected notes.

We’ve also redone the file manager to make it easier to manage your files and open them in other apps.

Finally, we’ve added the Rack Page, which will allow you to make songs within Genome using built in modules. To start with, we’ve included a synthesizer, a drum machine and a host of effects. Additional modules will be added over time.

Here’s what’s new in Genome MIDI Sequencer 2.0:

  • New ‘longest pattern’ song mode
  • New Instrument Rack with built in instruments and effects
  • Audiobus
  • Fixed hanging notes issue on pattern switch
  • Dozens of internal fixes
  • A Metronome
  • Usability improvements to the pattern editor

Genome MIDI Sequencer is available in the App Store for US $7.99. See the White Noise Audio site for details on the update.

6 thoughts on “Genome MIDI Sequencer Updated With Built-In Instruments

  1. It is a bit clunky in it’s interface. Haven’t tried the new update, but I’ll put it to you this way: I’ve tried ProMidi, Genome, and BStep2. Then I bought an MPC500 and used that to sequence all my gear instead.

    And I find the MPC to be a much more rewarding experience

    1. Fascinating, I just moved from an iPad to an MPC 500 this month and am also happier for it. Partly because I never thought Genome would be updated and it was the closest thing I had to what I wanted from the ipad. I also had to re read the original post a few times to make sure it wasn’t an April Fools joke

    2. Unfortunately I have to agree re. the clunky interface… I won’t be updating unless there is an extremely compelling reason to do so, adding built in synths was never going to be that reason!

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