New LFO Module For littleBits Korg Synthesizer

This video, featuring Korg analog engineer Tatsuya Takahashi, takes a look at the new littleBits Korg LFO module.

The LFO module is currently under consideration for manufacture at the littleBits BitLab. At the BitLab, visitors can view proposed new modules and vote for the ones that they’d like to see manufactured. 

The LFO is an oscillator module that allows you to make slow sweeping changes to sound parameters in the synth kit or with other littleBits modules. You can control the following parameters directly on the module:

  • Rate/Frequency knob (speed of oscillation)
  • Waveshape control knob (change the duty cycle of a pulse wave or morph a sawtooth to triangle to ramp waveform)
  • Waveform selection switch (select triangle/saw or pulse waveform)

The input of the module controls the amplitude of the LFO. An onboard LED shows the rate of oscillation.

If you’re interested in the littleBits LFO module going to production, you can weigh in at the BitLab site.

10 thoughts on “New LFO Module For littleBits Korg Synthesizer

    1. Compared to what?

      I paid around $120 for the synth kit on Amazon, which seems fair because it’s less than one Eurorack module. The new MIDI interface is $40, which is a fraction of the $150+ that a typical modular midi interface costs.

      That may be a lot for some people, but it’s a niche product, with no competition. I see little it’s as more than a toy, because of support for everything from arduino to sensors to CV. But I can see how, if you look at it as a toy, you’d see it as an expensive toy.

      1. In Australia the kits are $240 which is incredibly overpriced, currency and shipping do not account for the discrepancy.

        And it must be said this is not useful as a live performance or even a musical tool, it’s an educational tool, so it is a fair whack of money.

        Adding the synth kit 2 which adds midi and cv making it more of a musical tool, brings the price up to $320US or more. Then you can start comparing with microbrutes and volcas.

        1. that’s too bad they’re so much in australia. no arguments, i wouldn’t pay that much i got 2 synth kits for 180$ us. how much is the werkstatt btw?

          i’m a fan of littlebits. i like how they let me get hands on to play and make my own sounds. they aren’t for everyone, but nothing should be because that would be boring. toys are what got me into making electronic music. tbh, i’m glad to be back in that flow and glad someone is making proper toys again.

          speed of changing up connections and moving whole blocks of bits is a big plus for me, especially in studio. ymmv

      2. Stupidly overpriced is hyperbolic, in the U.S. at least, but for the most part they really price things in order for you to buy kits rather than individual. Part of that is because of shipping I’m sure and of course they aren’t doing the volume sales that people do with raw components.

        But the HDK mostly takes care of that. And yeah if you look on eBay and Amazon you can find really good deals.

        If you’re a synth nerd, like me, 😉 you probably have to put in between 300-500 to really get interesting, but once you’re there it’s pretty damn interesting! and a great deal imo.

    2. little bits is an experimenters kits.
      Design for those who want to experiment and or learn electronics.
      With all the synth diy, they aiming for that market

  1. As implied by “visitors” above, you can vote for the LFO bit to be produced even if you don’t have an account with their site!

    While the oscillators can act as LFOs at their lowest settings, I’ve craved a much slower rate than they are able to produce, and this bit is the answer!

    1. Check out their site – the littlebits platform is much more advanced than you might think.

      And – if midi, control voltage, Arduino, sensors and relays are your idea of toys, it’s a great toy!

  2. Little bits sound great thru an amp, not very thru supplied speaker. Suspect if they sell well as project kits thru schools and such the price may go down. I like the flexibility. If we show enough interest perhaps it may sprout competition and end up like eurorack. I dunno, just my two cents. I’ve two of the kits my self among other more “professional” things, like an old pair of shoes they fit.

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