Twisted Electrons Introduces Acid8

Twisted Electrons has just released Acid8, its new hybrid digital/analog acid machine controlled by a powerful step sequencer.

The “heart” of Acid8 is an 8-BIT oscillator that developer Alex Smith says “can be manipulated to the extreme” with 16 waveforms to choose from, and the capability to even redraw your own waveforms. Users can apply up to 5 DSP effects at once, invert bits of the digtal signal for “weird” harmonics and effects, or link the env mod to pitch for percussive sounds, among other features.

Here’s a more detailed walkthrough of Acid8’s features:

Twisted Electrons Acid8 Features:

7 knobs,
1 Rotary Encoder,
22 Buttons and
40 LED back-lit control panel

8-bit oscillator
16 waveforms (4 editable in software):
Rectangle: Prophet, Distorted, SID and Perfect Rectangle
Triangle: NES, Prophet, SID and 3-BIT Triangle
Saw: Prophet, TB-303, SID and 3-BIT Saw
Sine: Pure, Overtone Sine, Acoustic Guitar and Piano
Pulse-Width modulation
Bit Crushing and Sample Rate Reduction
Envelope Pitch Modulation
Bit invert effect

Analog filter
Cutoff, Resonance and Envelope Modulation knobs
Accent with depth control knob

128 Patterns (1 to 16 steps in length)
5 Chains (up to 8 patterns)
Rest, Accent, Slide per step
Swing (8 levels)
Tap Tempo
Pattern Copy/Paste
Pattern randomizer
5 Favorite pattern slots for quick store/recall
Sync via midi clock or 1/8? jack

Software editor
Visual representation and editing of patterns
Hand draw custom waveforms

MIDI In & Out
Sync in & Out
Audio out

22cm X 10cm x 4cm

Pricing and Availability. Twisted Electrons’ Acid8 is € 297 and is available now via Twisted Electrons.

17 thoughts on “Twisted Electrons Introduces Acid8

  1. £219.11 if that’s including VAt would make it similar to Roland TB-3 so competitively priced. only a 16 step sequencer though is a bit limited compared the the TB-3’s 32 step for 2 bar patterns..makes the TB-3 more musical/versatile in that regard..but this new product does have lot’s of knobs!

  2. Seems like pattern chaining would be the best way to make longer than 16 steps patterns. Its the same in my machinedrum or xbase09. One can wirk with that…

  3. I love the sound of this – sorely tempted to click “But it Now!” 🙂

    The UI is a bit of a challenge, I’d rather be able to do everything on the box, not this hybrid desktop & knobs approach – then again, I like the features the desktop affords.

    1. Making a good interface for hand-drawing waveforms in hardware would be rather expensive, so I don’t think it’s a bad compromise here. It looks like that’s the only thing that can only be done in the software.

  4. really dig the chain mode. very cool! maybe i should get rid of my electrons and go for a bunch of these kind of products..

  5. This company has to have the shitiest website around. Really poor for finding out info . sack the designer and put clear info on there , not stuttering videos.

  6. Please oh please make a poly or paraphonic synth with the same features or some of them, I’d buy such a module in a split second & it would b the such an innovative instrument. Btw the Acid8 would benefit from a USB input no end.

    1. Yip like that unit & even pledged to the Kickstater. If the Acid8 was poly I’d have a real problem choosing. I wish the two combined somehow, would b the perfect synth :p

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