How MIDI Controllers Are Made

This video, via SoundForce, takes a behind-the-scenes look at how MIDI controllers are made – in this case, the SFC-60 controller.

SoundForce makes custom MIDI controllers for vintage synth plugins such as the TAL U-NO-LX (Juno-60 plugin) and TAL BassLine 101 (SH-101). This video documents the processes that go into the making of these controllers – from laser-cutting the case, to screen printing the panels, to soldering, mechanical assembly and testing.

6 thoughts on “How MIDI Controllers Are Made

  1. Great idea! Nice build quality.

    Sorry to side load the conversation but I’ve always thought it would be great to make controllers such as these for button challenged hardware such as the popular MicroKorg. Those owners could use a themed controller to upgrade their experience near that of an MS2000. The world needs more knobs and there are so many nice synth engines out there released with anemic control interfaces and judged by their presets.

    The trend is analog and cables but the VAs need to sing too. Release them from their 16 digit LCD cages.

  2. the most difficult part is drilling the enclosure

    Dopefer USB64 is the best value but unfortunately there is currently no way to select each of the midi CC numbers you want for the 64 pots, you either choose 0-63 or 64-127,

  3. If you take a read in some DIY places you can start to build your own controller. But it’s a lot money spent in errors and tries. I noticed even experienced people with electronics and design throwing some money in wrong design or electronics errors.

    I myself built 3 controllers.The first just few knobs in a shoebox for testing and a start project. The second was the “perfect design I wish” and was a lot of money spent. Only in the 3rd project I was able to minimize costs, efforts and reduce the risks of errors. So that was a long path to reach that level.

    I wish some place you can order your own custom controller, I think there is someone here or there that can build one for you, but of course it’s very expensive.

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