IK Multimedia Intros Free Editor For iRig Pads


IK Multimedia has released iRig Pads Editor for Mac/PC, as a free download for all current iRig Pads owners.

iRig Pads Editor is a companion application for the iRig Pads MIDI controller that lets you completely edit and customize how the MIDI mappings for each control on the device.

iRig Pads Editor features an intuitive single-screen interface, above, that lets you quickly reassign controls and features. You can edit and save global configurations and individual scenes on your computer, and then transfer them to iRig Pads.

All of iRig Pads’ surfaces and controllers can be assigned to send specific MIDI messages. iRig Pads Editor lets users assign MIDI messages to any knob, button, pad, slider or an external controller.

iRig Pads Editor supports Note, Program Change, Control Change, MIDI System Real Time and MIDI Machine Control messages.

  • Note mode lets you assign the MIDI channel and the actual note to transmit. iRig Pads Editor also provides a choice between Temporary and Toggle mode. These modes determine whether note data will sound only while the pad is held down or whether it will “latch” onto the Note On message of the first press and the Note Off message of the second press. Temporary mode is best used when playing single-note instruments.
  • Toggle mode is useful for triggering loops: You just have to tap the pad once to start a chosen loop. iRig Pads will then continue to play until the pad is pressed again. Toggle mode can also be used to send 2 different messages from a single button or pad. This makes it easy for a musician to switch between two different presets: These presets can be instruments — like 2 different bass, lead or pad sounds — but they can also be 2 different loop sets or effects settings. On the fly beat making has never been easier.
  • iRig Pads Editor’s Program Change mode lets you set up iRig Pads’ knobs, buttons and pads (or slider) to change and transmit fixed or dynamic MIDI Program Change messages — it also lets you employ toggle mode to switch between 2 Program Change numbers with a single control. iRig Pads Editor can also program iRig Pads to send MIDI System Real Time and MIDI Machine Control messages. This means you can start, stop, rewind or scan through a track without taking their fingers off iRig Pads.
  • Similarly, in Control Change mode, you can assign MIDI Continuous Controller messages like volume, pan or expression. This mode can also be used to assign CC numbers to a parameter on a device that iRig Pads is controlling, such as a synthesizer, loop player, effects processor or even a full-featured virtual instrument like SampleTank 3. The values transmitted can be variable and set up so that when users tap a pad it sets the MIDI volume to maximum or pans the receiving instrument to a specific point in the stereo field.

Pricing and Availability

iRig Pads Editor for Mac/PC is available now as a complementary download for registered iRig Pads users. iRig Pads is available on the IK online store and from authorized dealers for $/€149.99 (excluding taxes).

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