Google Chrome Updates Brings Hardware MIDI Support To Your Web Browser

The latest version of Google’s Chrome browser, released earlier this week, has added support for hardware MIDI – meaning that you can now use your MIDI controllers to play web-based music software. 

In Chrome 43, you can use MIDI hardware to create music, without installing any specialized software. The Web MIDI API lets websites communicate with connected MIDI devices.

In the video demo, via Paul Kinlan, a hardware controller is used to play a web-based virtual analog synthesizer. If you’re a Chrome user and have updated to version 43, you can try out Chris Wilson’s web-based software synth at the Web Audio Demos site or Steve Goldberg’s web Juno 106.

14 thoughts on “Google Chrome Updates Brings Hardware MIDI Support To Your Web Browser

    1. This is very cool. Enjoyed that a lot! Wished I was at home with my studio to really hear it on good speakers!

  1. I wonder if this is the first sign of an era of cloud based music creation environments.
    Those would be available through a subscription business model, or via a pay per use basis…

  2. I don’t understand this. Why is Google making bloatware out of Chrome? Shouldn’t this be better left as a plugin?

    Don’t get me wrong… I’m a huge fan of new software for the studio and music-making in general… but if there was any question that Chrome was becoming bloatware, this answers it…

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