Roland System-1 Version 1.2 Video Overview

At the 2015 Summer NAMM Show, Roland will be showing version 1.2 of the System-1 software.

The video above is an overview of the Version 1.2 update for SYSTEM-1 Plug-Out Synthesizer and SYSTEM-1m Semi-Modular Synthesizer.

The latest version, available for download, increases the number of user banks, allows for extension of pitch bend range and includes six new waveforms.

Also available is the SYSTEM-1 Software Synthesizer Plugin that brings the sounds of the SYSTEM-1 synthesizer to DAWs. This lets you save patches directly from your SYSTEM-1 and load into your plugin, and vice versa. Use can also use the SYSTEM-1 plugin as a library and get seven banks of preset patches.

9 thoughts on “Roland System-1 Version 1.2 Video Overview

    1. Because it is awesome? S1 has been a very good introduction to hardware for me as it has ideal features for someone coming from an “in the box” DAW rig.

    2. Because you like Star Trek…

      I must say I really want this synth. I currently have no keys at all. Just iPad touch screen and PC desktop and guitar.

  1. I’m about 97% certain that my System-1 has been running V1.2 firmware for a while now. I know the VST version of S1 was released today but why is this news being that it isn’t.. new?

        1. yeah i’ve aaaactually got to give Roland thumbs up for these new sounds, if the vid is a decently direct recording of them. lots of grit and fatness! impressed that it’s come up on the heels of the Prophet 12 digital sound in just a couple years of extra development. Hopefully becomes a series to really watch with a big new poly 😀

  2. much better now.. probly get one of teh system 1m in a year or two

    im still waiting for the tr8 update that will allow you to change patterns via MIDI… man i dont know why the fuck they left that out, but it sucks

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