The Modal Electronics’ 001 Meets A Modular Synth

in this video, Paul Maddox of Modal Electronics uses the company’s new 001 duophonic hybrid synthesizer with a large format modular synthesizer. 

The Modal 001 offers 4 CV inputs and 4 CV outputs, which allow for flexible CV interfacing with other gear. It also offers two audio inputs, enabling audio processing from the VCF onwards.

The combination lets you use the 001 to control your analog gear and vice versa, or use a combination, as Maddox demonstrates in the video, to expand your sonic possibilities.

The Modal Electronics 001 has a street price of about $2,000. See the Modal site for more info.

5 thoughts on “The Modal Electronics’ 001 Meets A Modular Synth

  1. Whilst this demonstration has little to do with the sonic depth and breadth of capability of the 001, I can attest to the sheer brilliance of the 001. Not to mention the sound quality. I was never a analog purist, in fact most of my synths are VAs since I find pure analog very limited. Yet this breaks the mold.

  2. The demos I have heard show a definite unique something in the basic sound which I find appealing to the ear. All Modulus oscillators are discrete, so that probably gives it just enough of a low-level ‘beating’ factor to establish part of its personality. One odd sort of plus is that the company is releasing four versions of this tech as a hardware family, which says there is commitment and serious start-up money behind it. It takes away some of the feeling of risk. Granted, those are boutique prices, but a man’s got to reach over his Volcas & Junos for one of these or what’s Synth Heaven for? You won’t see a lot of these in stacks casually, but I don’t think they’ll just sink in the marketplace. I’ll be surprised if after a while, I don’t start seeing a few in the hands of the likes of NIN and Robert Rich. I’d bet even money that someone is going to appear playing one of their pricey polyphonics… driving two UltraNovas and a pair of Volcas.

  3. I’m sorry, I couldn’t get past the first 10 seconds because a professional audio company can’t even use a microphone for their pitch man. I would be embarrassed to even post this

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