Aalto 1.7 Brings Support For Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression


Madrona Labs has released version 1.7 of Aalto, bringing Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression (MPE) support to the semi-modular synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression is a proposed specification, designed to provided a standardized way for hardware and software manufacturers to send and receive the expressive musical performance data that multidimensional controllers, like the Haken Continuum, Roli Seaboard, Roger Linn Linnstrument and the Madrona Soundplane can capture.

Geert Bevin, a longtime Eigenharp player and a software developer at Moog Music, has lead the charge on this effort. MPE already has the involvement of people from Moog Music, ROLI, Apple, Bitwig, Haken Audio, Keith McMillen Instruments and Madrona Labs.

Here’s what Madrona has to say about the update:

MPE makes sense, is easy to implement, and should be very useful. With its addition Aalto becomes one of a just a few great sound makers out there for per-note expression. I am hotly anticipating more Linnstrument+Aalto, Seaboard+Aalto sounds.

Soundplane owners have always had a great connection to Aalto over OSC. But the big deal for the Soundplane is that now, while we are still waiting for the OSC-based composition environment of our dreams, we can use ordinary DAWs to record and edit an entire Soundplane performance.

Aalto version 1.7 also brings improved Soundplane compatibility with MIDI patches, optimized animation drawing, and bug fixes. MPE support in Kaivo synthesizer will follow next month with other changes.

Aalto (VST/AU) is available for US $99. The update is a free download. Soundplane users will also want to get at least v1.3 of the Soundplane software.

3 thoughts on “Aalto 1.7 Brings Support For Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression

  1. Never realized I would really love Aalto to come to iOS. It sounds awesome and I can imagine spending days toying with it on an iPad.

  2. My favourite soft synth gets an awesome upgrade. Randy Jones is a genius.

    Am a month away from getting an Akai EWS 5000 to get me back into performing after engineering for so long. It’s very tempting to lengthen the saving process and get something like the Linnstrument but I guess there’s no reason why a breath controller can’t do MPE/3D information of a sort… Multidimensional *Monophonic* Expression, MME if you like. Does anyone know if they can do this with 3rd party plugins out the box or would this need some considerable rewriting? Or is it simply impossible right now?

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