Elektron Releases ‘Harrowingly Magnetic’ VHS Crosstalk Sound Pack for Analog Rytm

Monday, Elektron released a new sound pack for Analog Rytm, the VHS Crosstalk Sound Pack. The pack contains a variety of “bleeding, interfering and harrowingly magnetic” sounds from the VHS era.

Elektron_VHS_CrosstalkVHS Crosstalk contains a selection of samples, optimized for use on the Analog Rytm but compatible for use on an Octatrack or a Machinedrum UW. The samples were created by Virtual Flannel and Elektron, processed and mastered on 1/2-inch magnetic tape using home VHS recorder equipment.

The bundle also includes a custom Analog Rytm project featuring patterns, kits and live-friendly scene and performance macros.

VHS Crosstalk Key features

  • 1 Project
  • 16 Patterns
  • 16 Kits (featuring scene and performance macros)
  • 100 samples (16 bit / 48 kHz / mono)
  • Total sample size: 36.1 MB
  • Including: 10 bass, 4 Tape recordings, 7 claps, 2 cymbals, 5 fx, 6 hihats, 14 kicks, 5 percussion, 2 Rhodes, 1 Rimshot, 3 Snares and 41 synths.

Pricing and Availability. Elektron VHS Crosstalk is available now for 15€ via the Elektron website.

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