Fusion Guitar Proves That People Really Want An iPhone Guitar Thing


The Fusion Guitar is a new electric guitar design that features a built-in 20W amp and speakers and iPhone integration.

If there’s any doubt that there’s interest in a hybrid guitar amp/guitar/iPhone thing, the project’s IndieGoGo campaign is nearly half-funded, two days into the campaign.

The Fusion Guitar leverages the wide range of iOS guitar and audio apps, and turns them into an all-in-one solution for guitarists.

Here’s the official intro video for the Fusion Guitar:


Here’s an audio demo video:


In essence, the Fusion Guitar is a ‘smart guitar’ that uses an iPhone or iPod Touch as its brain. It works with existing iOS music apps, including JamUp, Bias, Amplitube, Ampkit, ToneStack, Guitar Pro, Guitar Master Class, GuitarToolkit, Jammit, GarageBand and others.

The Fusion Guitar is available to project backers, starting at US $399. See the project site for details.

21 thoughts on “Fusion Guitar Proves That People Really Want An iPhone Guitar Thing

  1. Cool idea, but the problem with all products that rely on ios devices, is that next time apple changes form factor / size / connector on their iPhones, you’re sol.

    1. Hm, replaceable docks for “future proofing”? A good thought but not something you can pull out in 20 years and plug into an amp. Roland has some great little amps that are highly portable and sound decent so I’m not sure that this is really solving any real problems.

  2. Certainly a curious device. The last time I saw a guitar with speakers attached was at a Walmart. Also, if you’re complaining about hauling your guitar gear around to shows, then you’re better off with a day job. Working guitarists are a fickle, stubborn and do not like change or their tubes missing. I see a fun little practice tool here, and nothing more.

  3. You still have to learn to PLAY. It does not move your fingers for you. They put a multi-effects pedal and a practice amp into a guitar body as substantial as an Alesis Vortex. Of course, in the demo videos it sounds like a very expensive instrument. I wonder how much post processing they put into it?

  4. I would be dubious of the quality of any $400 regular guitar, let alone one that took a bunch of that budget and put it into electronics. I bet the action on that thing is pretty flaky

  5. Not so sure that the built in speakers will appeal to already musicians – it’s like a home keyboard compared to a “real” synthesizer. It will always be regarded as a toy for the not initiated. BUT if you use an iPhone for amp sim/looping/recording etc then having it visible and reachable is a great idea. Putting your iPhone on the floor or on a stand are not the ideal alternatives.

  6. This will go nicely with my home organ. I only buy stuff with built in speakers. I don’t have an iphone but I do have an iPad air 2 so I will glue that on top.

  7. The perfect busker’s instrument. But. It takes the potential for public nuisance to a whole new level. Imagine the teenage shredding you get in the music shop when you’re trying to hear the synth you’ve no intention of buying, and transferring that to the beach or a nice quiet picnic spot!

  8. I’d rather be proficient with the pros and not look like a Walmart poster boy. This thing reeks of a twelve year olds plastic dream. Nothing beats flat wood and metal in your hands. And personally fu*ck the iPhone.

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