The Kinetik Laboratories Protean Motion Texture Source

This video, via Kinetik Laboratories, previews their Protean Motion Texture Source – a compact device that incorporates three independent sound generators for the production of a wide variety of sonic environments.

All sound parameters can be modified through direct manipulation of the knobs allowing a direct, fast and intuitive performance.

The sound generators have complementary timbral characteristic covering all the frequency spectrum and may also be modulated by the two low frequency oscillators implemented in the circuit, generating ‘hypnotic sounds’ which evolve over time.

Protean has three independent outputs, each with its own output level to allow further manipulation using external effects. It can also be used in mono mode, as needed.


The Protean Motion Texture Source is available for 420 Euro via Kinetik Laboratories.

11 thoughts on “The Kinetik Laboratories Protean Motion Texture Source

  1. Before the predictable rage against the “noisebox for over 400 euros !? “takes over the page, I would like to say that it sounds really great. Price is obviously down to it being a boutique item, not mass produced like Korg and such. Well done guys.

    And now over to the spoilt babies who want it for 10 bucks.

  2. Sounds fantastic. Very interesting device. It’s nice to see something a little different than the usual subtractive desktop synth type devices outside of Eurorack.

  3. seems like he is running it through a chain of 3 fx pedals, and that has to affect the sound to some degree – im guessing the heavy delay is coming from one of those? probably a reverb in there as well

    i wonder what it sounds like on its own, without the fx

  4. it seems like a nice concept and it does sound good but the demo aint the best to be honest, the sound is heavily processed and its hard to assess where the raw sound ends and the effects start. good sounds nevertheless

  5. Love this! This is not a common noise/drone box! This is a dedicated synth, clearly developed for people understanding sound synthesis and loving handmade devices!
    Well done guys.
    keep up the good work.

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