Cakewalk Sonar Updated With Patch Points and AUX Tracks, Upsample on Playback

Cakewalk_Sonar_Jamaica-PlainCakewalk has announced their ‘Jamaica Plain‘ update for their Sonar Artist, Professional and Platinum versions. This is the ninth in a monthly series of rolling updates, each named for a different town in Massachusetts.

The Jamaica Plain update introduces Patch Points and Aux Tracks as additions to Sonar’s Universal Routing Technology. Users can now route audio from audio tracks, sends and buses, into other audio tracks, with the option to record the audio in real time at the destination track. This allows for recording real-time control gestures that cannot otherwise be automated, capturing randomized effects and synthesizer sounds and more functions. Aux Tracks complement Patch Points by offering flexible signal routing capabilities for splitting, merging, summing, sub-mixing, organizing and controlling these multiple track configurations.

Building on a previous update’s (Foxboro) Upsample on Render feature, Sonar now introduces Upsample on Playback. Some plug-ins derive audible benefits from processing at higher sample rates, which can eliminate foldover distortion; upsampling technology provides those same benefits even in lower 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz projects. Sonar users are now able to perform real-time previews of upsampling and easily compare the results with non-upsampled sounds.

Click here to learn more about the new SONAR Jamaica Plain release, and see a preview of what’s planned for the near future.

Pricing and Availability. The Cakewalk Sonar Jamaica Plain update is available as a free download for all current Sonar Artist, Professional and Platinum customers. All three Sonar versions are available globally for new customers through music and sound retailers, via Valve’s Steam Store, and the Cakewalk Store. For more product or pricing information, visit the Cakewalk website.

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