Free Online Roland Boutique JU-06 Editor/Patch Librarian


Breadandbuttersounds, which recently introduced an online Roland Boutique JP-08 Editor/Patch librarian, has announced a similar web-based patch editor for the Roland Boutique JU-06.

The editor uses the Web MIDI API, so it requires a web browser that supports it. Chrome is recommended. 


  • Bi directional communication with your Roland Boutique JU-06 using Sysex (Important! please see below for setting it up)
  • Precision editing of all parameters. Use the sliders of your JU-06, the sliders on the web page or enter the exact value for a parameter manually (you will notice that the sliders on the JU-06 in itself are quite inexact so an editor like this is necessary for serious patch making)
  • When you change patch or press Manual on your JU-06 the patch is automatically uploaded to the editor
  • See parameters and learn from your favorite factory presets
  • Easy access of important features like the Delay, Portamento and Bend Range
  • You can save your patches if you log in using a Google Account

See the Breadandbuttersounds site for more info.

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