Synthtopia’s 10 Most Discussed Stories Of 2015


As part of our lookbacks at the Best of 2015, we’ve reviewed reader polls for the best new synths, best new software synths, best new mobile music apps and more. Here’s a look at the most hotly debated synth stories of 2015.

Some of our stories generate way more discussion than others, usually because they are about new synths that readers are excited about, or about synths with features that trigger debate. Each year, these talked-about stories tend to reflect larger trends in the industry and the changing attitudes of synthesists.

Last year, many of Synthtopia’s most-commented stories were about diminutive synths. Two lines – the Roland Boutique line and the Yamaha Reface line – were the subjects of the three most discussed stories of 2015.

Some readers were excited by the availability of new polysynths for under $500. But for other readers, the tiny sizes of the new synths and mini keyboards are show stoppers.

Other hot discussions centered on some of the year’s ‘megasynths’, including the Roland JD-Xa and the Moog Modular Systems reissues.

See the full list below – and let us know what synth stories from last year you think merit more discussion!

donny-osmond-moog-synthesizerSynthtopia’s 10 Most Discussed Stories Of 2015

  1. 10 Facts About The 3 New Roland Boutique Synthesizers… And 5 Questions Still To Be Answered (167)
  2. Roland Teases Three New ‘Boutique’ Synthesizers (157)
  3. Yamaha Debuts Four Reface Mobile Mini Keyboards (144)
  4. First Look: The Roland JD-Xa Flagship Hybrid Analog Synthesizer (129)
  5. What’s The Best Desktop DAW? (2015 Poll) (125)
  6. Korg/ARP Odyssey NAMM Teaser (121)
  7. Roland JD-Xi Synthesizer Promises Analog Sound & Knobs Galore (120)
  8. Moog Brings Back The Classic Moog Modular Synthesizer (120)
  9. Korg Unveils ARP Odyssey Analog Synthesizer (120)
  10. Metasonix D-2000 Vacuum Tube Drum Machine ‘Will Blow Your Ass Off’ (120)

6 thoughts on “Synthtopia’s 10 Most Discussed Stories Of 2015

    1. Tired: Mini-keys, mini-synths.
      Tired: Those who diss people who don’t like mini-keys, mini-synths.

      Wired: It’s getting to the point that there is zero need to buy expensive vintage gear.

  1. Ha! Forgot about that metasonix “drum machine.” It’s the biggest sham piece of gear I’ve ever seen. It’s objectively terrible. The demo is still good for a laugh though.

    1. There were more synths introduced in 2015 than any previous year in history, including; reissues like the Moog modulars and the Korg Arp Odyssey; a bunch of affordable and powerful new synth designs; some great new high-end synths like the Modals; more Euro modules than you can shake a stick at; and a boatload of other cool stuff.

      What’s it take to make it a ‘good year’ for you?

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