Strumpad MIDI Controller (Sneak Preview)

The Strumpad is a unique MIDI Controller that lets you ‘strum’ your keyboard like a guitar.

The Arduino based Strumpad receives MIDI IN messages from other MIDI controllers, like keyboards, and transmits MIDI out messages, based on 6 capacitive touch sensors and a force sensor for MIDI Velocity based on a strain gauge.

In use, a keyboard is used to control the notes that are played, and the Strumpad is used to articulate the notes with touch and velocity-sensing.

Additional details on the Strumpad are to be announced.

17 thoughts on “Strumpad MIDI Controller (Sneak Preview)

    1. Of course nothing will be better than a guitar (for a guitar playing/feelling) …..
      But this tool looks amazing to me, we can do lot more than just struming sample guitar.
      For sound design, and other music playing experiment it’s just wow wow wow !!!! That thing looks so interesting.
      I can’t beleive that your post received the more positive vote on a web electronic lover gear ????
      This tool is a prototype i hope one day i will be commercialize.

      1. Correction “This tool is a prototype i hope one day i will be commercialize.”
        >> It makes more sens like this :)) : This tool is a prototype i hope one day it will be commercialized.

  1. You can do the same thing with a Suzuki Omnichord OM200 and OM 300. Though it is true that they go for around $150- $250 on eBay. But you can find them cheaper with luck. I still apluade the development of strum plate controllers.

  2. Like the idea, could definitely imagine using something like this, but I have to say that the demonstration sounded quite ugh, unfortunately.

    I would love to hear/see a demo using some of the instruments from Soniccouture’s Glassworks, for example, instead of something trying to “replace” regular guitar-strumming. Then again, maybe that’s just me.

  3. I still have a Digitar from Charlie Labs that has a 6 “string” (more like light metal bars) that you strum the same way. MIDI out from the kb plugs into the device and the chord you play gets interpreted by the device for a corresponding guitar palette. Have to learn how to play the chords a split second before the strum, but it works well. Don’t need a pick with this guy though.

  4. Nice idea! The pad has 6 sensors, but the guy plays 3 note chords on the keyboard. I wonder what are the other 3 sensors triggering?

  5. Doesn`t sound like a guitar but looks like you could do experimental things with it. It would be interesting to hear a good quality recording. Kamera mic recorded product videos is something i will never ever understand in ….MUSIC product videos in 2015.

  6. I can think of lots of synth sounds that would be interesting to strum.

    Presumably the six strings add octaves of the notes you play (like a guitar) but what happens if you play a 4-note of 5-note chord?

    And how does it sense velocity? Is that just the strumming speed? I don’t see anything that could sense pressure here, and I’m not sure that would make much sense either.

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