iZotope Announces New Resources For Audio Repair & Problem-Solving

izotope-logoiZotope has announced the RX Plug-in Pack, a set of audio repair plug-ins; and a free online resource for audio problem-solving, the RX Audio Cookbook.

The new RX Plug-in Pack is a kit of four audio repair plug-ins for cleaning up flawed recordings, transforming them into more usable material. This collection of repair tools includes De-click, De-hum, De-clip, and Dialogue De-noise, directly from RX 5 Audio Editor, iZotope’s software for audio repair and enhancement.

The plug-ins can be used within audio or video editing software to fix recordings that have distracting clicks, crackles, hums, distortions and other noises.

The second is the new RX Audio Cookbook, a free online resource designed to help RX users solve common audio problems. A reference for users of both RX Audio Editor and the RX Plug-in Pack, the cookbook features searchable tutorials that provide step-by-step instructions, audio examples, and videos for repair and enhancement.

The iZotope RX Audio Cookbook is designed to help the find solutions via ‘recipes’ for solving common audio problems.

The solutions target problems that range from “Reducing Hum and Buzz from a Guitar Track” to “Matching Room Tone and Ambience.”

iZotope-RX5-Audio-Editor-boxEach recipe includes step-by-step directions, before and after audio examples, illustrations and tips for resolving more challenging or stubborn problems.

Pricing and Availability

The RX Audio Cookbook is available now for free on the iZotope website.

iZotope’s RX Plug-in Pack is available now via the iZotope website and from select retailers with pricing as follows:

  • For new customers, RX Plug-in Pack is available for at an introductory price of $99 USD through March 21, 2016. After March 21, the product will be available at its regular price of $129 USD.
  • For owners of iZotope’s Music Production Bundle, RX Plug-in Pack is available at special crossgrade pricing. Until March 21, 2016, RX Plug-in Pack can be purchased for $49 USD (regularly $69). Eligible customers can log into their iZotope Account to receive their crossgrade coupon.

Additional product, pricing, and upgrade information is on the iZotope site.

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    1. That is a good question. Looking at the screen shot on their website it does appear to have a “learn” mode it should be able to remove what you want it to. Just highlight a few moments of the noise by itself, click learn and process it. This works well with a steady type of noise like hiss or ventilation. I use RX5 nearly every day and it’s quite remarkable. A client with a recording of birds near a stream wanted to hear only the birds. I had it done in less than a minute and she was amazed. I regret allowing her to witness the ease of the procedure! What this lacks is the spectral view which allows visually cloning out unwanted noises with a brush much like photoshop.

      By now you have downloaded the trial???

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