Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators Review – ‘Limited, But Fun’

Teenage Engineering introduced three new Pocket Operator synthesizers at the 2016 NAMM Show,

In this video, Gaz Williams shares his Pocket Operator review of the new Office, Arcade and Robot models. 

Each of the Pocket Operators features a 16-step sequencer, 128 pattern chaining, ‘parameter lock’ and punch in effects:

  • The PO-24 Office is a noise percussion drum machine.
  • The PO-28 Robot is described as a ‘live synthesizer voice’ for 8-bit chiptune style sounds.
  • The PO-20 Arcade offers classic 80’s arcade style sounds with an additional chord playback function.

The Pocket Operators are $59 each, but as Williams notes in his review, most users will probably want one of the cases also, priced at $39. See the Teenage Engineering site for details.

via Sonic State

7 thoughts on “Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators Review – ‘Limited, But Fun’

  1. Actually, they are less limited than a lot of larger/more expensive gear. The main limitations are the size of the interface and the resolution.

    1. 16 steps? No real connectivity? Lo fidelity? Fiddly real-time control?

      There’s nothing wrong with fun music toys – so enjoy them for what they are!

      1. You can chain 4 of the 16 steps patterns together for 64 steps, or more…
        And you can sync them too

        The arcade is my fav, and they are somewhat limited, but not as much as people think.
        Some of the limitations force you to be creative in new ways
        Also – they really cut through a mix

        1. yeah love the arcade – I have the drum and synth one from the prev gen – want to get the robot too at some point

      2. I have actually performed with them live laptop>electribe>sync to PO>looped back into electribe as audio osc –

  2. Gaz is my 2nd favorite wookie, but those pocket calculators don’t add up.

    When I look at them and the only thing I want to punch in is the head of the designer.

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