Dehumaniser II Offers New Options For Creature Sound Design

Dehumaniser-2-BoxKrotos has released Dehumaniser II, a new generation of their vocal-processing software for making creature and monster sounds in real-time.

This new version enhances audio capabilities of Dehumaniser with additional models, processes and the ability to use the program within your DAW as a VST, AAX, and AU plugin.

The versatile effects section of Dehumaniser II has been expanded to include processing modules such as Flanger Chorus and Ring Modulator. More than 100 presets have also been built-in for quick setups and to inspire sound design. These presets are tailored for monsters, dialogue, robots and experimental effects.

Here’s the official video intro:

Dehumaniser 2 can also be used for music, ambiences, percussion and more as a creative sound design tool.

The sound library has also been vastly expanded, now including a range of more than 100 high-quality animal recordings. The sounds have the capability of being triggered and manipulated via amplitude, pitch or a range of audio descriptors, and were recorded at 192khz, 24-bit. Existing sound libraries are able to be imported, and additional libraries can be purchased from Krotos’ website.

Dehumaniser II is available for £449. Upgrade pricing and a free demo version are also available.

8 thoughts on “Dehumaniser II Offers New Options For Creature Sound Design

  1. When will this be released in Eurorack? [ducks]

    Seriously, though, the problem with this software is that it’s become the standard. We expect generic pitch-shifted growly monsters in every game these days.

  2. I dunno….I have some Waves plugins that I can with a lot mix and match get to the same similar effect. The pitch shifter and H Reverb , Doubler and Sound shifter among others. Seriously an arm and leg for some cheesy voice overs. Get real guys,

  3. I really dislike the sound of this tool. Let alone the hilarious price.
    For that money you are better off hire a professional sound designer that tailors the creature design to your project. Or hire an experienced voice talent. Or both.
    The best results are always from a great actor performance and a clever processing/editing.

  4. First I read £4.99, I thought, wow, that’s cheap… then £44.90, ok, more likely… but then I look again and saw it was actually £449… LOL, no thanks!

  5. As a vocalist, I remember being interested in the first version being unaware of the price. However being a stand alone product and not having realtime processing via VST inside a DAW I was thinking that you could just get a complex FX signal chain going to accomplish the same thing. Now reading that it’s £449 and requires ILOK has surpassed superflous and entered ridiculous territory.

    You could accomplish so much more with something like Reaktor for less than half the price.

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