Percussa Introducing Complete Digital Modular Synthesis System At Knobcon V


Percussa has announced that it will be introducing a complete digital modular synthesis system at Knobcon 2016, being held September 9-11 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

The system combines:

  • AudioCubes – a tangible wireless patching interface;
  • SYNTHOR – powerful synthesis software; and
  • REMOTE – a tightly integrated controller.

With their synthesis system, Percussa makes no attempt to conform to current status quo in synthesis, instead, trying to create a new generation of digital modular synthesizers.


Percussa’s Digital Modular Synthesis System

SYNTHOR systems come with a wireless patching interface, which allows musicians and sound artists to patch synth modules in real-time, by placing AudioCubes, which represent the software modules, next to each other.

Moving cubes closer and further away changes the modulation depth of the signals flowing between the synthesis modules, allowing you to tangibly control more parameters simultaneously than is currently feasible with traditional hardware systems. Multiple patch connections between modules can be created simultaneously by placing cubes next to each other.


Synth modules are automatically assigned through the SYNTHOR synthesis software to each cube.

Percussa says that it is like having a virtual case of modules, offering the advantages of computer based synthesis, but with dedicated hardware interfaces for patching and parameter control.

SYNTHOR runs stand-alone on MAC and PC and needs no other software or plugins.

The SYNTHOR digital modular synthesis system has built-in visual feedback: synth modules, patch connections, show clock timings, and signal amplitude are all mapped to RGB colors and light intensity on the AudioCubes patching interface, giving you an instant overview of the state of the system at all times.


Percussa REMOTE

Modular synthesis setups are easily created using the tightly integrated REMOTE controller, which lets you configure AudioCubes and set parameters in the SYNTHOR synthesis software, without having to touch your computer or mouse.

Entire synthesis setups and module configurations can be easily created and switched with the press of a button on the REMOTE controller, and the AudioCubes patching interface instantly controls the new module setup. Presets can be exchanged online with follow musicians and artists.

Here’s a video demo, demonstrating a basic FM synthesis patch, consisting on 1 output and 2 LFOs:

Pricing and Availabilty

The SYNTHOR digital modular synthesis system is available now on the Percussa website, and comes in 2 versions:

  • Percussa P8 (8 AudioCubes, 1 REMOTE); and
  • P15 System (15 AudioCubes, 1 REMOTE).

The SYNTHOR synthesis software is included in both systems. Systems are expect to ship after KNOBCON.

Details on both systems are available on the Percussa site.

9 thoughts on “Percussa Introducing Complete Digital Modular Synthesis System At Knobcon V

  1. I would like to know how much it costs without having to register an email and password. The pricing I can find on the web appears to be a few years old.

  2. So, all the benefits of a digital system (eg, NOT HAVING A THOUSAND PIECES OF HARDWARE CLUTTERING YOUR ROOM) are abandoned in favor of the worst aspects of a hardware modular — LIKE HAVING A THOUSAND PIECES OF HARDWARE CLUTTERING YOUR ROOM.

    And to top it off, the modular system is rendered harder to use simply because there are no labels, everything looks the same, and is an abstraction of an abstraction.

    Who the f*** is the lamebrain who came up with this?

  3. This is something I would never in a million years want to buy. It sounds like crap and it’s a solution in search of a problem. Why not just use Reaktor Blocks or Tassman on your notebook computer if you want digital modular? It’s not like this thing has an intuitive hardware interface that makes it all worthwhile.

  4. This looks like it could be a definite time saver.

    Way faster than turning a few knobs or clicking some buttons.

    Maybe you can Velcro them to your sweater to save even more time.


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