YES To Be Inducted To Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

Prog rock supergroup YES will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, along with Joan Baez, ELO, Journey, Pearl Jam, Tupac Shakur and Nile Rodgers.

The members of YES who will officially be inducted into the Rock Hall are the ‘UNION‘ tour line-up: current members Alan White and Steve Howe, the band’s late bassist and founding member Chris Squire, and former members Jon Anderson (vocals), Bill Bruford (drums), Tony Kaye (keyboards), Rick Wakeman (keyboards) and Trevor Rabin (guitar).

“What an honor this is for us and all involved with the history of this band,” shares guitarist Steve Howe. “We thank all the Yes fans who have been so passionate over the decades, and helped us to keep the flag flying.”

The 32nd Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, will be held Friday, April 7, 2017 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

23 thoughts on “YES To Be Inducted To Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

    1. I VERY much approve of your choices sir. (Though ELO WERE good in the 70s, just not really prog!) I think Gong deserve a space, too. Van Der Graaf were underappreciated in their time and only recently are gaining the recognition they deserve IMHO.

  1. Well, its about damn time!! Its not like Yes was some fringe group. They were one of the few bands at the top of the prog scene that absolutely set the standard for the genre. I know that today’s pop-disco-rap-EDM (its all the same) bullshit is the new standard of “music” and that those musicians who could actually PLAY and compose and arrange and had some actual musical imagination are an artifact of the past at this point. But come on, man …its about time that the “Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame” started to show some respect for one of the bands that actually had some competent musicians in it.

    1. At their peak they filled Madison Square Garden for a week. They had a succession of number 1 albums in the early 70’s. They had a world wide smash in the 80’s with Owner Of A Lonely Heart, which became a dancefloor hit in the 90’s. They formed in 1968 and have, in one form or another been playing and recording non stop since. They consist of guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and a singer. They are a rock band born in a time of many great rock bands. they may not be to everybody’s taste, but there is no denying their impact when compared to some of those that have already been inducted into The RRHOF. Personally I see no reason to define rap artists as being in any way connected to rock and roll. For the last decade they have given the impression that every decent rock band in the world has been inducted, so let’s broaden the definition and build the brand to include anybody.

  2. I completely lost interest in the credibility of this sham organization (R&R HoF) when they neglected to induct me into it after several decades. It’s a scam people!

    That said, Yes is a great group though I am not aware of any of their work in the last 25 years.

  3. I almost feel that Yes is too good for this stupid organization. Considering they honor people like 2pac and pearl jam. These people aren’t even a speck to the musical existence of bands like Yes. Another shame is the fact that Todd Rundgren still isn’t in this stupid organization. The man is possibly one of the most sought after producers in the pop and rock music history. He has more albums then most of the people inducted into this stupid farce of an operation.

    I dont know people. To me the rock and roll hall of fame is an absolute disgrace and I think it is almost insulting for a band with such a timeless legacy as Yes to be inducted this late. It is an insult. But then again, this is america… and lately… we have taste for shit.

  4. pretty sure this has far more to do with public influence and historical impact and all that kind of thing.. instead of being any sort of measure of actual musical talent.. thats why its called “hall of FAME” and not “hall of SKILL” or “hall of TALENT”

  5. Run DMC and other rap acts has been in the ROCK AND ROLL Hall of Fame for years while iconic, actual rock bands like Yes, Moody Blues, etc etc have not. It shows you how irrelevant this Hall of Fame is.

  6. This took way too long. The “hall of fame” really showed it bias against prog rock by taking so long to induct them and Rush. I can understand that some people do not like that kind of music but there is no denying that those bands were highly successful in their time and continue to influence people to this day.

    It’s ridiculous how the hall selects the members of the band that are inducted. Everyone member of the band who played or worked with them deserves to be honored, not a subset chosen by the hall. The band itself can choose who can speak for them on stage. It isn’t as if including the other members takes up more space at the hall.

    Now that the hall has obviously become more than “rock” it is past time to start induction of electronic musicians/bands. That list should probably start with Kraftwerk.

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