Novation Circuit Gets Professional Patch Editor

Isotonik Studios has announced Circuit Editor Pro for the Novation Circuit – a new patch editor, designed to offer professional level features and performance.

Here’s the official video intro:


  • Both Synth Engines are fully automatable in Ableton Live with the MaxforLive version
  • Copy / Paste for the Macro Elements
  • Drum Control has been adde
  • Patch Management has been much improved
  • An intelligent Randomiser Function

Here’s what the developers have to say about Circuit Editor Pro:

When Novation gave us the go ahead to continue developing the Circuit Editor for ourselves we polled the Facebook Users group for what they’d like to see added… Obviously some requests we can’t help with, Circuit can’t find you a wife nor make you more popular! (We can’t do anything about Panning or add more destinations to the Macro Control either)

This first version of our Circuit Editor PRO addresses many of those requests, first though we had to start again!

The engine of the free version is good but not up to the rigour of automation from Ableton Live. So we re-wrote it from scratch, making all of the elements controllable by clip envelope including both Synth Engines not just the one in focus!

The more advanced Circuit users will appreciate this means that a parameter can be automated over any length of time enabling the Circuit to become a Drone Engine, in fact unlink the automation envelopes in a clip and have euclidean style automation to really mix things up…

With our new engine we’re able to do more as well…

From a workflow point of view hovering over any of the titles will change them to a RESET label, a click and release will set the parameter or entire section to it’s initial values… Hold down SHIFT and hover though, and the title will change to RANDOM… And that’s where the fun starts!!

Our Randomisation Engine will allow an intelligent randomisation of the currently selected patch, you can define which elements are randomised (down to individual Mod Matrix Slots) and then choose how the random formula is applied…

And whilst you can randomise the Macro’s sometimes you just want to bring some order to the chaos, and so you can now copy a single Macro and Paste it to a different position, or copy all 8 macros and paste them in a new preset… Or even paste them to all presets in one click!!

Pricing and Availability

Circuit Editor Pro is available now, at an intro price of £10.00.

If you’ve used it, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

7 thoughts on “Novation Circuit Gets Professional Patch Editor

  1. Bit confusing since there’s been an isotonik editor for a couple of months free.

    Again a portable device that requires software that’s only on a computer not a portable device. Isotonik have no intention of developing a mobile version and I think this is a real detriment to the product.

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