Voltage Connect Conference Coming To Berklee March 10-11

Voltage Connect Conference 2017 is scheduled for March 10-11, 2017 at the Berklee College of Music, in Boston, MA.

The Electronic Production and Design Department at Berklee is presenting the Conference, which has the theme of “Pioneers, Players, Thinkers, Purveyors”. Sessions will examine the development and direction of electronic instruments, from early commercial synthesizers in the 1970s to the present.

The two-day conference will consist of panel discussions, presentations, technology demos, and performances that explore how electronic instruments are developed and used. A product expo will run concurrently with the conference proceedings.

The conference will feature keynote performers Jordan Rudess, keyboardist of prog rock band Dream Theater; electronic music pioneer Suzanne Ciani; and electronic musician and entrepreneur Richard Devine. Keynote speakers for the conference will be David Friend, cofounder of ARP Instruments; Marcus Ryle, president of Line 6; and Daniel Haver, CEO of Native Instruments.

Registration is open now:

  • Early Registration (available through Sunday, February 19, 2017): $125
  • Registration (after February 19, 2017): $195

via Michael Bierylo

3 thoughts on “Voltage Connect Conference Coming To Berklee March 10-11

    1. He can, but he won’t. He fit’s into the “Players” category at this conference.

      I’m sure the likes of Ciani and Devine (“Pioneer” and “Thinker”) aren’t bothered by it.

  1. While I will also admit to being tired of seeing JR pimp stuff, I’m excited to see him perform. Not as excited as I am about the other two, but I expect it to be a damn good show. Registered.

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