Live Space Music With 5U Monster Synth, OB-6, DeepMind 12 & System-8

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via David Ryle, captures a live ‘space music’ performance, Ganymede Terminal,  with a 5U monster synth, Roland System-8, Dave Smith OB-6 and Behringer DeepMind 12.

Here’s what Ryle has to say about the technical details behind the performance:

Modular synth for the bass line, percussion and a 16th note octave sequence.

The Oberheim/Dave Smith OB6 for a starting arpeggio, the Roland System 8 for some bridge chords and the Behringer DeepMind 12 for reverb-drenched chorus chords.

The main bass line sequence and percussion were generated by STG Soundlabs Time Modules. The bass sounds realized on the Moslab 901 VCO’s and 904-A LPF.

The sixteenth note line introduced halfway in is the Q119 sequencer to an Ian Fritz/Doug Slocum Double Dekka Ultrasonic VCO fed to two EG’s and a Yusynth Minimoog filter.

Delays included Modcan dual delay, Lexicon MX200 (x2) and Behringer DD400.

The snare is a TipTop Audio SD808.

Played live in the studio and recorded to a single stereo track in Cubase. Video recorded with an iPhone7 and edited in Final Cut Pro.

6 thoughts on “Live Space Music With 5U Monster Synth, OB-6, DeepMind 12 & System-8

  1. Excellent live performance. Where soul and passion break through the nerdology of modular synth society. Something real was composed, created. Not just a noodle. 7-)

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