Alter Audio Timetosser Performance Effects Unit Sneak Preview

The Alter Audio Timetosser is new audio effects unit, currently in development, tailored to live performance.

Here’s what the developers have to say about it:

“The novelty of Timetossing lies in the way it is used: you’re not simply enabling an effect, but you have to actively and skillfully play the instrument in order to get good results.

Although it needs some practice to master, the live-performance aspect of Timetosser ultimately gives you greater expression in your performances.”

Here’s a preview of a Timetosser prototype in action with Dutch producer Kypski (Thomas Elbers):

Timetosser is currently in development. Pricing and availability details are still to be announced. See the Alter Audio site for more info.

via DJTechTools

17 thoughts on “Alter Audio Timetosser Performance Effects Unit Sneak Preview

  1. bwahaha, it´s groundhog day once again: a company decides not to implement a display into their product. what are they thinking, for god´s sake??

  2. I don’t personally see a problem with the button spacing. On a different note, seems like the upper row triggers all retrigger the last step. Would be good to also have a mode that splits up the bar in 8 and lets you retrigger each step. Ala reaktor beatlookup’s jump control. And hopefully it also has midi clock sync, for non analog setups.

    1. I think it was demonstrated oddly,
      it appears to retrigger just the last note, but what I think is actually happening is he is following the audio as it passes through the grid. If you were to press the leftmost trig it would playback the last note, the second trig plays 2 notes ago, but because they are pressed in order one note at a time it just plays the same slot.

      this wasn’t made very clear at all

  3. Seems like everyone missed the greatest part of its functionality and got lost in button spacing and other gear comparisons. I wish my kaoss pad would do what this does. I mean its pretty close but no cigar. This is doing sort of what the octatrack can do with some setup. Live manipulation of a streaming audio track. Would have been nice to hear different beats instead of the same ol 4 on the floor track but if the price is right, its another great device that does one thing well.

    Since we live in an age of Swiss army knife products (a guitar that also makes coffee and has 16 nicely spaced pads for drum programming and scales), something about 1 device that does one thing hit a good spot with me. I had a Kp3 and found myself only using the filter effect, then I bought a filter guitar pedal and was good to go.

    Imagine running a live instrument into this thing like a guitar, or a live drummer or even someone running a wild modular synth then retrigging/ off-syncing/ creating builds with this thing. Then it becomes more than a simple ” step retriggerer”.

  4. I must admit I really like this. I will promptly build this in a max patch, but I dig that hardware folks get to do the same buffer playground stuff as the laptop folks 🙂

  5. please please please let this have midi sync…. I love the concept, but beat repeat works at its best when locked in tight( therefore let that midi sync follow proper stop start continue protocol)

  6. Yes, it will have midi-sync in, as well as analog gate to be able to integrate nicely with other gear. But, we’re also working on an adaptive algorithm to make sure the tapped-tempo is synced and phase-locked to the incoming audio.
    It will also double as an USB audio interface and midi-controller, allowing you to control up to eight plugin-timetossers in your DAW.

    Timetosser is not really retriggering anyting, but acts as a delay unit set to 100% wet with a note-quantized delay time. By varying this delay time (or jumping to a different read-position in the buffer) you’re able to repeat certain parts and place then in a different order. It’s a really simple concept technically, but a bit tricky to wrap your head around.

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