New Wave Folder AudioUnit Effect For iOS, FoldR

Living Memory Software, makers of LayR synthesizer, have introduced FoldR, a new Audio Unit Effect wave folder for iOS.

Wave folding is an effect that adds harmonics to the original signal by ‘folding’ the waveform back on itself when it exceeds a clipping threshold. 

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Wave folding is a form of wave shaping distortion where, instead of clipping the waveform and reshaping the flattened portion, the wave peaks that exceed the clipping threshold are “folded” or inverted back onto themselves adding interesting harmonics to the original sound. FoldR also provides a simple traditional wave shaper section after the folding section and you can mix or blend between the two forms of distortion.

The tempo based modulation sections allow you to modulate the folding amount using various shapes and applying FoldR to rhythmic material like drum loops can create a whole new world of interesting rhythms. Apply FoldR to long low ambient drones to change their character or add a bit of dirt and using FoldR on lead synths can be like having another “inverse” filter at your disposal.

Pricing and Availability

FoldR is available now for US $3.99.

If you’ve used FoldR, share your thoughts on it in the comments!


4 thoughts on “New Wave Folder AudioUnit Effect For iOS, FoldR

  1. Just installed it. Very nice indeed! Can be subtle or crunchy if desired. But what i may like most about it is the gating-type effect that adds a “pulsating” quality to the sound fed into it. Almost like a looping amp envelope, but with additional wave-folding and filtering options. Now i can stop fiddling with the synth’s settings just trying to get some rhythmic element to it. Was looking for an iOS effect like this. Thanks!

  2. Bought it, like it, it’s doing some nice stereo imaging. Cool for popping on a mono track from the OP1 at this moment and mixing it in a little bit like one dot of wet to create depth. It’s adding some magic jazz

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