Playing The Theremin With GrandPA

Swiss thereminist Coralie Ehinger (aka Therminal C) shared this short video, demonstrating how she uses a theremin to control a Bastl Instruments GrandPA sampler Eurorack module, using  CV and gate.

Here’s what Ehinger has to say about the video:

Here is a demo of how GrandPA sampler can be used with a theremin, connected to the theremin’s pitch CV.

GrandPA is a granular sampler in a Eurorack format made by Bastl Instruments. It is a powerful little sampler, with an external micro SD card, that lets you modulate many parameters with CV.

It is a lot of fun with a theremin, i am totally in love with this module!

Music :

DBDD, composed by Therminal C (played live @ studio l’Orient, 2017)
Quand trois poules vont au champs
Star Wars theme

6 thoughts on “Playing The Theremin With GrandPA

  1. i was just browsing the last hours for Theremin to CV (like the Doepfer A-178 ) and other ways to control modules…and this is a nice point to stop now and go to bed…
    YEAH…i like the combo…

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