midiMO Sequencer Is Small, Cheap & Open Source

Developer Jose Gonzalez, creator of the miniMO 8-bit synthesizer, let us know that he’s released an add-on kit that turns the miniMO synthesizer into the midiMO MIDI sequencer.

He calls it ‘the smallest and cheapest sequencer on the market today.’

miniMO is based on a MIDI sequencer app that you load to the midiMO module. It lets you use the module as a pattern sequencer.

In addition to the app, Gonzalez has introduced an accessory kit that turns the miniMO into a standalone, MIDI-out capable device:

  • A female MIDI adapter to connect miniMO to any device with a MIDI Input
  • A three-pronged jumper to power both miniMO and the MIDI adapter from the internal battery
  • A custom 3D-printed enclosure with flexible outer cover
  • Two laminated faceplates: one generic, one with custom markings for the sequencer (shown in the picture)
  • A Davies-1900h clone knob with brass insert and set screw

Video Demo:


  • Configurable number of steps
  • Configurable scales
  • Real time Tempo control
  • Real time Transposition with configurable intervals
  • Real time Octave control with configurable number of octaves
  • Real time selection of forward or reverse playback
  • Step Edition Mode with real time note and length control
  • Random sequence generation on start up
  • Automatic Battery check


Pricing and Availability

miniMO is an open project, so both the source code and hardware are free for anyone to examine and build. Details on the accessory kit are available at the miniMO site.

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