Arturia MiniBrute 2 Offers More Options, More Modularity, Full-Size Keys & Some Surprises

Ahead of the 2018 NAMM Show, Arturia today announced the MiniBrute 2, a sequel to the popular MiniBrute keyboard that adds more synthesis power, more modularity, full-size keys and some surprises.

Here’s what they have to say about the new Arturia MiniBrute 2:

Created for musicians, by musicians, MiniBrute 2 combines huge analog tone, powerful sound shaping features, step-sequencer, arpeggiator, and a modular patchbay to create the ultimate synth for true musical pioneers.

With instant, hands-on control of every parameter, you can mix your oscillators, ride your filters, sync your LFOs, and control your envelopes. MiniBrute 2 is a synth that gives you the freedom to create the sounds from your imagination.

MiniBrute 2 features a comprehensive modulation matrix, with dozens of sources and destinations at your disposal. Whether you want to experiment with its internal parameters, wire in your modular setup, or sync your other gear to its sequencer, the possibilities are endless.

Sporting the same luxurious, smooth-action keyboard as the venerable MatrixBrute, you’ll never want to stop playing on this inspiring synth. The keyboard also features aftertouch, which can be routed through the modulation matrix, opening up massive performance possibilities.

MiniBrute 2 also features an arpeggiator with multiple modes, tap tempo, and rock-solid sync, and an intuitive step-sequencer to give you as much creative freedom as possible.


  • Analog, semi-modular synthesizer
  • Dual oscillators
  • Dual LFO’s
  • Dual envelopes
  • Steiner-Parker Filter
  • Full-size keys with velocity & aftertouch
  • 48-point modular patchbay
  • Arpeggiator & step sequencer
  • Link Compatible

The fact that the MiniBrute 2 is ‘Link Compatible’ is intriguing, but the company hasn’t shared any details yet on what that will mean for users.

Pricing and Availability

The Arturia MiniBrute 2 is expected to be available in February, priced at  649$ / 649 Euro. See the Arturia site for more info.

38 thoughts on “Arturia MiniBrute 2 Offers More Options, More Modularity, Full-Size Keys & Some Surprises

  1. Pardon my french but this looks and sounds sweet as f….
    Of course you can get a moog mother for the money. But value for money? I would say this one right here. Now throw the first stone

    1. Well, I was just thinking buying the Dominion Club by MFB. Lots of sounding possibilities. But, and that is important I think, with that one the user interface is not so straight forward as this one.

        1. Probably just the “antenna” in order to transmit. I think the socket is just for aesthetics since ableton link is a wireless system

  2. Within a few months, this will have a street price of $500, and in my book that blows away what you get with something like the Behringer D or the Roland SE-02.

    They’re all better and cheaper than the alternatives we had a year or two ago, though, so it’s a great time to be into synths!

  3. Being a dude who thought he could just jump into the eurorack format and now just has a power source and a handmade box ready to go, semi-modular is a dream come true. So I’m really excited to see others jumping on board. Going modular is pretty fun when you take out the prices, learning curve, all the hardware to get started and how many modules you’d need to get close to creating something palatable (subjectively speaking). So kudos to semi-modular + the keyboard, they are cracking whips!

    1. Actually, in its core MB2 is still the same 2-osc east coast synth (but with some waveshaping twists and advanced modulation matrix), where your modular setup could be anything you can imagine: it could be west coast system, or full of noise generators, or granular stuff, or digital stuff or a combination of that. But for modular guys this synth could be a really good addition to their existing setups or even gateway to modular systems for starters.

      1. Yeah, I understand the modular aspect that setup. The cost of just really high so it sort of feels like buying something blind, until you at least know what your patch points are good for. At some point, I’ll dive back in, but semi-modular gives me a good spot to start learning at a reasonable cost, then expanding from there.

  4. Would have been cool to have the option to use each VCO as its own voice. Oh well…then it would be competing a little too good with the MatrixBrute. (i mean not really but thats how the engineers….cough cough…. I mean marketing department felt.)

    1. Survey(eBay) says… About 100 bucks. So many people bought and sold them, I saw those auction and bit it now prices go way down. You could post for about 200 amongst a sea of 100 bids.

  5. This is sweet. Never thought I’d want to sell my mini-brute because it’s just so much fun. Now I want to sell it so I can upgrade this one.

  6. Love that it now has a full Osc.2, I always felt that was really limiting in the original.
    Is there a way of getting a sub-osc out of it?
    And can you insert external modules into the signal flow using the patch-bay? (ie: is it truly modular?)
    Looks brilliant!!

    1. I am pretty sure you can use the 2nd Osc as a sub oscillator. Why should`t you be able to? It even has a Sinewave. This synth looks seriously good for affordable money

  7. I’m sold on the Minibrute2. I put my $$ on 2 ..reserved…from Sweetwater. Since I already own and use my 2 older Mini brutes with my Eurorack Modular systems, the Minibrute 2 will be a welcomed addition to my setups. The patch matrix really blows me away. Heck, the mini brutes have their shortfalls, but heck…like all other synth boards…they all have short falls. I Love how the mini brutes interact with my Modular stuff.

  8. Eh, not too excited by this. Plenty of more exciting gear out there, especially at this price point.

    That price in today’s mono analog market…

    Korg Monologue 2x osc for $300, Behringer Model D 3x osc for $300, Novation Bass Station 2 2x osc for $400 , Korg MS-20 Mini 2x oac for $450, Roland SE-02 3x osc for $500, Novation Circuit Mono Station 2x osc for $500, MFB Dominion Club, plus the other cheaper Brutes. $650 for a 2x osc Brute or go for a Behringer Deepmind 6. You even have the Korg Minilogue 4 voice 2x osc for $500. If this was $400-500, then okay. But in today’s market, not so sure. To be honest, I am not too much of fan of the whole ‘Brute sound.

    Now give me a PolyBrute or beefed up Drumbrute 2 and I may have more interest. I’ll be getting the Behringer Model D for sure to go with my SE-02.

  9. you still need a computer and arturia to keep their app working on your current OS to set the midi channel on the minibrute 2

    good luck in 10 years time changing the midi channel with your new pc/mac

  10. They tease on Arturias site that Minibrute 2 is not alone…. and something new is coming on Tuesday.. Drumbrute 2 maybe?

  11. I like this presentation video, they did a good job here.

    I actually never heard anyone really complaining about Minibrute 1…they are making good products…

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