Using Conditional Locks With Elektron Sequencers

This video, via Rob Norman of Seen From Space, takes a look at using conditional locks on an Elektron Analog Four synthesizer.

Analog Four, Digitakt, Digitone and Analog Rytm sequencers all offer conditional locks, which let you create repeating sequences that vary over time.

This short video takes a look at how they can be used, and offers some tips on using them to create musically pleasing patterns.

Check it out and, if you’re an Elektron owner, leave a comment and let us know how you’re using conditional locks!

5 thoughts on “Using Conditional Locks With Elektron Sequencers

  1. As a user of analog four i’m not understand why this fantastic machine has not possibilty to send the note of the sequencer on the midi out port. I ‘ve send a message to elektron company but they never answers.

  2. Ok, but the point is, as they say in theyr site, ” digital mind , analogue soul”. And they digital mind has no midi out sequence. 1400 euro and we are in the 2018!! They can do an upgrade of the os!! It’s a simple thing!!

    1. Yeah it’s a way to drive sales, they never put all available features into a single machine. But they’ll probably add it on in a few years to keep people hooked, like the way they waited several years to roll out conditional trigs on the Octatrack,.

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