The zZyzx Society Releases Their First Album on ZSR Records

Synthesist and module designer Peter Granader let us know that The zZyzx Society, his duo with composer Jill Fraser, has released their first album on ZSR Records, The zZyzx Society.

Both artists are influenced by Morton Subotnick and the ‘West Coast School’ of synthesis, but have also done a huge range of work, including scores for film and commercials (Fraser) and synth design (Grenader). Both have recently been profiled on the Art + Music + Technology podcast (Fraser, Grenader).

Along with Grenader and Fraser, the album features Coil/UUUU synthesist  Thighpualsandra, Tool drummer Danny Carey, instrumental alchemist Chas Smith, Katherine Redlus and Jennifer Irvine.

Track List:

  • BENGHAZI (Grenader) 8:14
  • TEAPOT ROCK (Fraser) 23:33 featuring Chas Smith (pedal steel guitar)
  • LINEAR A (Grenader) 6:36 featuring Katherine Redlus (harp) and Jennifer Irvine (cello)
  • SCARBO (Ravel, arranged/orchestrated: Fraser) 8:00
  • ORGANASM (Grenader/Fraser/Thighpaulsandra) 10:20 featuring Danny Carey (acoustic/electric drums) and Thighpaulsandra (electronics)

The group has shared detailed track notes and technical details for the album on their site, along with audio previews.

The album is currently available as a digital download on iTunes and Apple Music, with physical CDs coming in April, via

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