Audio Damage ADverb2 Now Available For iOS

Audio Damage has released ADverb2 for iOS,  a model of a vintage digital plate reverb rack unit from the 80s, with a few modern tricks up its sleeve

They previously released ADverb2 for Mac & Windows.

ADverb2 works as a stand-alone effect, with Inter-App Audio, but AD recommends using it as an AUv3 plugin in a host that supports the format like, Beatmaker 3, AUM, Cubasis, GarageBand, etc.


  • Simple-to-use reverb settings, with pre-delay, time, and size, plus an extensive filtering section to shape the reverb tail.
  • Logical vintage-style user interface, vector-based for resizability and future-proofing.
  • XML-based cross-platform preset manager, with copy and paste. (You can even move presets between the iOS version and the desktop version with Handoff.)
  • Optimized reverb algorithm for low CPU load.

Pricing and Availability

ADverb2 for iOS is available now for US $3.99.

One thought on “Audio Damage ADverb2 Now Available For iOS

  1. I dont know how they stay in business with their plug-ins priced so low but their reverbs and Dubstation are a f**kin’ no brainer.

    Hope they do a new verb along the lines of the more exotic strymon algos… like chorale algo.

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