Strange Agency Intros ‘Soup’ Granular Sound App For iPad

The Strange Agency has introduced Soup – a new granular sound app for iPad.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Inspired by the oil can delays of the 60s and our previous granular explorations, Curtis and Spunk, Soup brings you a virtual fluid that you can record onto, slosh around, and play back from. You can use it as a unique delay effect or more like a granular synthesizer, concocting your own wholly novel sounds.

Soup breaks up recordings into individual sound quanta with which you can interact as if they made up an audio fluid. They can be played linearly or randomly, forward, backward, or even sideways. They can, moreover, be stirred together, giving a whole new meaning to mixing sound.

Soup will let you literally paint with sound. You can record external sounds through the microphone or import WAV files, slathering sound over the virtual fluid. Then your fingers can become play heads, reading back the sounds from any position, or multiple positions at once.

Note: While Soup offers a unique way to interact with sound, support for standards like MIDI and Audiobus is not currently included.

Pricing and Availability

Soup is available in the App Store for US $9.99.

10 thoughts on “Strange Agency Intros ‘Soup’ Granular Sound App For iPad

        1. Update to non-outdated version. IOS app store is a minefield of abandoned apps. Anyone who buys apps without checking update history and whether the dev has a history of abandoning apps isn’t the brightest button in the store.

  1. I wouldn’t trust this company with another cent of my money. I paid money for CurtisHeavy back in the day, and thought it was a great little program. Then one day I go to update it, only to find that instead of updating the app they replaced it with a free version of MegaCurtis— an app that doesn’t even function the same as CurtisHeavy, and was missing the feature I used the most: grain jitter! Of course that was available in the paid version, but what the fuck! I already gave them my money, and then they try to take more by this shifty bait-and-switch tactic?
    Of course MegaCurtis (even the shitty free version) isn’t even compatible with my new phone anyways because they never update it even though they’re evidently still making new apps. Whatever. Glad they didn’t fool me a second time.
    I still want my $8 or whateverthefuck I paid for it, back. Inflation-adjusted!

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