New iPad App Brings Touch-Screen Patch Editing To Access Virus TI

Developer Maarten Lierop let us know about Touch For Virus – a new iPad patch editor for Access Virus TI synthesizers.

It was designed for the Virus TI Snow, but it works for other models, too (Desktop, Polar etc.).

Here’s what Lierop told us about the new editor:

Access Virus TI Snow

I’m an owner of a Virus TI Snow synth. I have always used it as a “patch tweaker” and never put much effort into learning the theory of sound design.

Creating sounds on the Snow itself is not fun at all, so the only other option was to take my laptop, startup Cubase, create a project, and add the Virus Control plugin. This makes sense for making music, but not for pure sound design. I just wanted to play with the synth, not Cubase nor my laptop.

When I found out on your website that IOS patch editors were available for some synths, I started searching for a IOS patch editor for Virus TI, which wasn’t available. I decided to give it a try to create one myself. I didn’t have any experience in coding for IOS, but with my professional experience as a interaction designer, software product manager and front end developer it felt do-able, a nice challenge.

So I started to figure out how develop an IOS app, how to set parameters on the Virus via MIDI. In September 2017, I finished my research and decided it was time to put all the pieces together in a single IOS Patch editor app – Touch for Virus.


  • Create patches on VIRUS TI synthesizers with iPad
  • Dedicated knobs and sliders for all parameters (excluding custom arp pattern, Input effect, vocoder and atomizer parameters)
  • No computer or other software needed
  • Save & reload created patches
  • Organize your patches in collections and categories
  • Load patches partially, based on (de)selected ‘sections’
  • Section Presets (New to Virus TI) – The roughly 350 parameters of a patch are split in 7 sections: Oscillators / Filter & Amplifier / Modulation / Controller / Arpeggiator / Effects / Ambiance. Save and load presets for each section. Create new patches in seconds by choosing different combinations of section presets.

Pricing and Availability

Touch for Virus is available now for US $13.99.

11 thoughts on “New iPad App Brings Touch-Screen Patch Editing To Access Virus TI

  1. Precisely why I sold my Virus, it’s just an absolute dog to program. Not fun at all, but it sounded great. If they release it with a knob per function it’d be 10/10. I kept going back and playing with my Nords because they were so immediate, despite being a lot less capable.

  2. I think they got into their Kemper guitar amp profiler, so that seems to be their focus. What they did with analog modelling in the 00’s, they seem to be doing with amp modelling in the teens.

    1. just odd to have had a studio staple and then just went meh. surely resources could have been found.
      cdm ftw btw.

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