Corsynth C110 2044 VCF Offers Classic Analog Filter Sound In 5U

Corsynth has introduced the C110 2044 VCF, a 5U four-pole low-pass filter, based on the classic filter SSM2044.

The original SSM2044 chip helped to define the sound of a variety of vintage synths, including the Korg Mono / Poly , Korg Polysix , Korg Trident, PPG Wave 2.2 and 2.3 and the EMU Emulator I.

The C110 is designed using the new reissued SSI2144 IC. It is an updated version of the original SSM2044 that offers lower noise. It’s the same chip used in the new DSI Prophet X. See our interview with Sound Semiconductor founder Dan Parks for more info on their chips.

Like many filters, the SSM2044 suffer from gain loss when the resonance is increased. The Corsynth C110 includes an especially designed circuit co correct that. This circuit can be activated or deactivated on the front panel.

The C110 has temperature compensated voltage control and it will oscillate at high resonances. It can be used as an oscillator over 3-4 octaves.


  • Four pole response ( 24db/octave )
  • Gain compensation circuit
  • Three modulation inputs one with an attenuverter
  • Voltage controlled resonance
  • Temperature compensated
  • One audio input
  • The FM2 input has a 0,66 V/Octave response, expanding the modulation range to 7,5 octaves using the typical 5V envelope.
  • Built using high quality electronic components, Switchcraft jacks, Cosmo knobs and an anodized aluminum front panel

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

The Corsynth C110 2044 VCF is available now for 210 € + VAT.

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